Green Gemstones for Growth, Wisdom & Wealth

green gemstones

Your spirit is like a garden. You need to tend to it to make it thrive. That means nourishing your soul with the energy it needs to pursue new experiences and attract opportunities. If you ever start to feel like your garden within has turned into more of a desert, where joy and inspiration are sparse, you need to reinvigorate your soul space with green crystals. Green is the color of abundance. It brings with it a richness of life that helps you to channel the energy of abundance. Infuse your spirit with new growth and fresh beginnings by connecting to a green crystal. These green gemstones are believed to help you balance your emotions, and awaken you to the lessons of your heart.

Let the energy of green gemstones immerse your spirit back into the wild it craves with a surge of life force energy. This restores your depleted energy, and helps you to feel vibrant, peaceful, full of health, and wise. They are also traditionally used to attract wealth, prosperity and money, which is why green jade is highly valued as a sacred stone in Asia.

Green Jade, Aventurine, Malachite, Emerald and Chrysoprase are just a few of our favorite green gemstones. Check out these “crystal tips” on how to use green crystals in your home, office or sacred space:


Wisdom-enhancing green jade protects you from harm and infuses your life with luck. The original Energy Muse piece, the Prosperity Necklace, is made of green jade beads and 3 Chinese Coins tied with red string. (This is the piece that prompted the start of our business, so we clearly love green jade!). Jade stones are said to bring answers to your problems, so hold them when you are in need of solutions. Meditate and wear these green crystals to bring inner peace and wisdom. Use jade stones in your wealth crystal grid or for heart chakra healing. Giving a jade stone to a child is said to bring health, wealth and longevity throughout his or her life.


Lucky aventurine helps you to center your intent. An aventurine stone is said to be the luckiest of all crystals, especially for matters of wealth. As the stone of opportunity, it is believed to be particularly powerful for increasing your favor in competitions and circumstances where you cannot control the outcome–this has made it a favorite among gamblers and any others looking to boost their odds of winning. It is said that placing these crystals around you when taking an exam will help to reduce your stress and ease your nerves. Keep aventurine stones near you to benefit from their “winning energy” when engaging in competition or sporting events. Meditate with these healing stones to bring you closer to your spirit guide.


Healing malachite soothes the heart chakra, bringing peace and transformative energies. Malachite stones are said to balance the mind, providing relief from feelings of being scattered and unfocused. It is believed to be beneficial for anyone who has ADD, ADHD or any disorders that prevent you from the ability to focus. Keep malachite nearby when you need the motivation to finish a to do list or specific task. Place a malachite stone over your heart to help facilitate the healing of emotional wounds. Malachite is also said to be the premier love crystal for men, much like Rose Quartz is for women.


Reviving emeralds promote kindness, so you always show the world your best side. An emerald stone is often referred to as the stone of successful and abundance love, opening the heart to receiving love of all kinds. It is aligned with the Goddess Venus and embodies compassion and unconditional love to heighten self-esteem and confidence. Emeralds are said to carry the purest form of the green ray, making them extremely beneficial for heart chakra healing. Hold an emerald stone to calm down when you feel your temper rising. Meditate with one to grow closer to your inner self. Place an emerald under your pillow to relinquish feelings of jealousy, especially in matters of love. It is also believed that placing an emerald underneath your bed can help to increase fertility.


Uplifting chrysoprase eases worry and brings clarity. A chrysoprase stone encourages an influx of joy, optimism and happiness into your life. It is said to be the favorite crystal of Alexander the Great. Using this green gemstone is believed to help you maintain a more positive outlook on life. Carry or wear chrysoprase to lift your spirits when you are feeling low. Fill your meditation space with these green gemstones to create an ultra-positive environment. Place chrysoprase under your pillow to help mend a broken heart.

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