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Amethyst Pyramid


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Relaxation • Stress Relief • Intuition
Transform your home into a temple of peace with an Amethyst Pyramid. When the stress of a long day has you wound up, let loose with the soothing energy of this relaxing stone. Pairing amethyst energy with the sacred geometry of a pyramid creates a deeply healing combination that every space needs.


Transform your home into a temple of peace with an Amethyst Pyramid. If you have trouble shaking off the weight of a long day, an amethyst pyramid in the home will create the perfect, tranquil atmosphere to help you let go of stress. Try placing an amethyst pyramid on your desk at work for a calming essence that will keep you centered, focused and at ease. Wherever you could use a dose of peace, bring in an amethyst pyramid to sooth the mind and spirit.

Pair the sacred geometry of a pyramid with the powerful energy of an amethyst crystal, and you get a deeply healing combination. Crystal pyramids function as energy intensifiers. The energy they stir up is focused into a point, and beams out in a stream of healing energy. When you have an amethyst pyramid, the tension in your space and spirit simply melts away. Let the energy of an amethyst pyramid uplift your home environment with vibrations that turn negativity into positivity.

An amethyst pyramid is especially beneficial to have on your desk, or wherever you work. Because amethyst helps you tap into your intuition, it enhances your decision-making skills. Rather than allowing your anxiety to mount as you go back and forth between decisions, take a moment to pause and reflect with your amethyst pyramid. Amethyst energy lends clarity so that you can think clearly. As you tap into your intuition, amethyst leads you to recognize what path you need to take, and trust it—even if that means taking a risk or breaking out of a pattern. That’s why amethyst is often recommended for those looking to expand their business or career.

How to Use:

Set your amethyst pyramid on in your home or on your desk to feel an air of calming vibrations take over.

Origin: Brazil

Each one of these Amethyst Pyramids will vary in size, shape, color and appearance.


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