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We’ve been putting out the positive vibes, and crystals are definitely having a moment all over the world. From home decor magazines to fashion publications and wellness blogs, our crystals have captured the spotlight, and we couldn’t be more excited to see the many uses of crystals highlighted on such a large stage. With every article that promotes taking a moment to observe the beauty of Earth’s creations, the trend of slowing life down to be grateful and present in the moment, gains momentum.

Energy Muse in the Press

For years, modern society has been manifesting a transition toward brands that are socially and environmentally conscious. As the mainstream continues to recognize this shift and the brands that are taking part, we are honored to see the response to our mission as pioneers of spiritual empowerment. This business has never been about the praise or money. We are solely invested in bringing high-vibrational love into the minds, bodies, spirits and spaces of as many people as we can.

Having worked with healing crystals for decades, we have seen them not only transform our lives, but the lives of our clients. Seeing their powers publicized further motivates our passion to spread the word about how crystal energy can help you to lead a more meaningful life. With the help of magazines, websites and blogs, we can introduce the thinking behind crystal energy through a lens that is compassionate, thoughtful and realistic.

“New Age” in the “Now Age” doesn’t have to be intimidating or shrouded in mysticism. Crystals are tools that we can use to re-energize our intentions and better align ourselves with our deepest ambitions. As we continue our commitment to supplying these energy tools to people far and wide, we appreciate everyone who is contributing to awakening the public to a whole new realm of self-empowerment and world of crystals for them to explore.

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From celebrity facialists to female entrepreneurs to the top wellness websites, crystals are making their way into the homes and hearts of people all over the world. Curious about how people are choosing to use their crystals? Wonder no more! From how to use them for beauty, attracting more wealth or healing from a broken heart, these articles and crystal musings will give you a thorough, insider glimpse of how you can incorporate crystals into your everyday routine with these articles and crystal musings.

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There's no doubt that healing stones and crystals have shimmied their way into the mainstream consciousness. It's about time everyone's talking about crystals! As Energy Muse co-founders, Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro, spread their knowledge, expertise and passion about healing crystals, follow along with their journey with our favorite videos, podcasts and more!

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In nearly every ancient civilization, people wore crystals as decorative necklaces or amulets for empowering the soul and aligning the body, mind and spirit. See which celebrities and influencers have got their crystals on! Many of them wear Energy Muse necklaces and bracelets as personal talismans and to keep their intentions close to their heart throughout the day.