We put together a list of our most Frequently Asked Questions to help answer some of the questions you may have! If you need additional assistance or have any other questions, please email us at info@energymuse.com or call us at 1 (866) 674-4367 Monday through Friday 9AM to 5PM PST. We are happy to answer all questions you may have!

FAQ Topics

 What is your shipping policy?
 Do you ship internationally? How long does it take?
 Why does my Energy Muse piece look different than the picture on the website?
 Can I return or exchange merchandise?
 Can I cancel my order?
 Can I wear my jewelry in water?
 Which jewelry size should I buy?
 Can I wear more than one piece of jewelry at once? Or can I use multiple crystals at once?
 How often should I cleanse my jewelry?
 What if my piece breaks? Can you repair my jewelry?
 How do I choose a crystal to use or wear?
 I just received my crystals. Now what do I do?
 How do I cleanse my crystals?
 What are intentions? How do I set an intention?
 How do I actually use a healing crystal?
 What wrist should I wear my bracelet on?
 I got my crystals and have had them for a couple days now. Why aren't my crystals working?
 What does the repair process involve?
 How long does it take to receive my refund?