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Lucky Crystal Elephants


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Good Luck • Wealth • Abundance
They say that elephants never forget, and with the good luck and confidence that these Aventurine and Tiger’s Eye Lucky Elephants will inspire, you won’t be forgetting your elephant anytime soon, either! This harmonious pair of crystal elephants will fill you with the abundance and courage you need to take life by the horns—or, tusks! Whatever room you place them in, make sure the elephant is facing into the room, as this position directs good energy into the room, and the opposite will usher the luck out—not to mention you won’t able to see their cute faces!


The elephant meaning is one of strength, wisdom and loyalty. When an elephant’s trunk is facing upwards, it is especially charmed, bringing in prosperity, victory and an extra dose of good luck. This Feng Shui tip not only brings good luck, protection and strength to the home, it keeps you from losing your positive energy and chi.

Aventurine is the perfect stone to pair with the elephant’s symbolism. Thought to attract fortuity, money and protection from financial hardship, Aventurine will multiply all of the elements of prosperity that elephant symbolism already enhances. Having a green aventurine elephant statue is one of the most powerful sources of the energy of luck. Elephants are also a sacred treasure of Buddha, adding to their power. Green aventurine elephants are often referred to as the elephants of many blessings.

The Tiger’s Eye Elephant Crystal will employ its high-vibe power to infuse you with creative inspiration and confidence in your talents. As it connects to your third eye chakra, it will provide insight into your life, and help you spurn new ideas on how to further yourself. Bolster your integrity and commitment to a brighter future through meditation with this good luck, Tiger’s Eye Elephant amulet.

How to Use Your Lucky Crystal Elephants:

Place your pair of elephants by your door, facing into your home. This Feng Shui tip brings in good luck, offers protection and provides strength to the home. You always want the green aventurine elephant statue to face into the room, because it is believed if it faces out, you’ll lose the chi, or energy, that the elephant can bring in. 

All of these pairs of lucky crystal elephants will vary slightly in shape, size, color and pattern. Each pair comes boxed with a card. All sales are final on these lucky elephants.


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