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Amethyst Heart

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Small ~1.5" - 2" • Medium ~2" - 2.5" •  Large ~2.5" - 3" • X-Large ~3.5"

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Positive Energy • Intuition • Love
Purify negative emotions with an Amethyst Heart. Amethyst energy not only absorbs negative energy, but also transmutes it into positive energy. Meditating with an amethyst heart helps to become more in tune with your feelings. Connect with your amethyst heart when you want to align with the universe + feel something bigger than yourself.


We go through a lot as humans. Even on a day to day basis, we experience stress, self-doubts, judgements, let downs, setbacks, anxiety and on and on. If we don’t take time to engage in the calm, purifying energy of relaxation, then life begins to feel like a rollercoaster. Instead of letting life take you for a ride, grab onto an amethyst heart and step into the safe space of your spirit. Amethyst energy is like a rejuvenating spa. It helps you to soothe away stress and make time for deep connection to self. In these quiet, thoughtful moments with amethyst energy, you’ll often recognize new perspectives. This is the connection with your third eye chakra. Rather than having your third eye chakra clouded with negative thoughts or beliefs, amethyst cleanses away that energy so that you can view yourself and situations more clearly. That’s why amethyst is known as a crystal of spiritual growth. So when you embrace this energy within your heart by meditating with an amethyst heart, it has a very healing effect. If you’re someone who carries around guilt or shame about negative habits or patterns that you’ve fallen into, you need to purify those emotions with an amethyst heart. Amethyst energy has the ability to not only absorb your negative energy, but also to transmute it into positive energy.    

Meditating with an Amethyst heart helps you become more in tune with your feelings to get to know yourself on a much deeper level. Its energy allows you to fall into your meditation quicker, deepening your connection with yourself and the truths that you need to understand. Its connection with the violet flame stimulates and opens your third eye and crown chakra to enhance your intuition and spiritual awareness. The energy of the amethyst heart builds a bubble of purple light around your aura to allow you to stay clear, calm and centered as you open yourself to your divine purpose. Connect with your amethyst heart when you want to align with the universe to feel something bigger than yourself.

Due to the nature of these crystals, each one will vary sightly in color, pattern and size. No coupon codes are valid and all sales are final. 


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