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Jade Roller

Since the 7th century in Ancient China, jade rollers have been a popular tool for beauty rituals and routines. A jade roller helps to reduce puffiness, drains the lymphatic system, tightens pores and increases blood circulation. It connects the meridian points of the face with the earth energy of Jade. Using your roller with skincare products--our favorite being Dayle Breault, Goddess of Skin's, Truthful Serum & Synergy Mist--plumps the skin cells so that the product fully penetrates the skin. 

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A jade face roller reduces puffiness, drains the lymphatic system and balances one’s qi, or energy.  The jade stone also tightens pores and increases blood circulation.

Jade has been a symbol of beauty, grace and longevity for thousands of years and jade rollers have been used since the 7th century in ancient China. Jade and jade rollers were part of the beauty routine of every wealthy and powerful woman in ancient China. Emperors of China even wore jade suits that were believed to give them immortality. This precious stone has been used for centuries and is extremely popular even in our modern beauty regimen.

The jade roller for the face stimulates the meridian points of the face, which are energy lines that connect to our internal systems. When you touch the jade gemstones to these points, it energizes them. It also connects these points on the face to earth energy, something we aren’t often able to do.

The Jade Roller is a powerful tool for your anti-aging arsenal. Jade helps to rejuvenate the skin on a cellular level. Its crystalline structure makes the Jade stone a big-time energy conductor, helping to bring fresh and reinvigorated energy to your skin.

The face roller takes the healing properties of Jade and helps infuse it deep into your pores. The face roller is said to smooth wrinkles with its gentle rolling action, which helps to sweep away toxins and balance excess fluid in the tissue. Just like exercising tones the muscles, the Jade Face Roller tones the face by promoting skin rejuvenation, giving you a brighter and healthier complexion in an instant.

The Jade Facial Roller can also be used after applying a mask, which deepens the penetration of Jade and its skin-enhancing properties. Massaging your face for a few minutes on a daily basis is also very anti-aging. Without even realizing it, we tend to overuse the muscles in our face, whether it’s holding tension in the forehead, staring at computer screen, or grinding your teeth. By gently rolling over your face and neck, it breaks up the blockage and eases worry lines that often form in the forehead. And unlike high tech at-home space devices like lasers and light machines, the Jade Roller is easy to use. You just roll it!

Because of its striking green color, Jade has been considered a decorative stone, featured as the crown jewel in many ancient temples and statues. It’s also a powerful beauty tool that is still found on display in museums. After centuries of use, there’s a reason celebrities and skincare experts swear by it. In just a few minutes, the Jade Roller helps to transform a tired, puffy face into a radiant and glowing complexion, especially when you combine it with your favorite serum.

Before your daily Jade Roller session, apply a serum and allow a few minutes for it to absorb into the skin. Mist your face with a facial spritz, which provides moisture for preventing stretching or damaging the elasticity of the skin during the Jade rolling process. When you begin rolling, mist your face throughout the process, which helps infuse the Jade healing properties deeper into the skin by plumping and hydrating the pores.

When rolling your skin, skin expert Dayle Breault of Goddess of Skin recommends using a gentle amount of pressure and imagining a vertical line that runs from your forehead to your chest. In order to effectively drain the lymphatic system, it’s important that you roll one side at a time and without crossing the lines.

Use the face roller by rolling in outward motions towards the ear or neck. Do not roll back and forth. Starting from the middle of your forehead, use gentle pressure to roll towards your ear to encourage drainage of the lymphatic system, which minimizes swelling and puffiness in the skin. Doing so also helps alleviate congestion or other sinus issues. When we move our lymphatic fluid, it moves white blood cells which boosts our immunity. Doing this on your face helps prevent head colds, sinus infections, acne and headaches.

You can use your jade face roller daily or weekly. We recommend using a jade roller after applying a serum or moisturizer to increase your skins ability to absorb the treatment. Our favorite serum to use with our Jade Roller is Dayle Breault, Goddess of Skin’s Truthful Serum! Before using the roller, we spray a few spritzes of Synergy Mist to prevent damaging our skin elasticity and it's absolutely magical! "Keep misting throughout the process— it will plump the skin cells and penetrate the product better," Dayle says. After using your face roller, wash it with a gentle cleanser to remove any residue from your skin or product. Pat the face roller dry with a towel and store in a clean, dry place. You can also store your jade roller in the fridge for an extra boost of firming and de-puffing power. When you apply the cool and smooth jade roller on your face, it makes for a refreshing midday pick-me-up, especially in the hot summer months.

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How To Use


Our beautiful friend, Dayle Breault, Goddess of Skin, is a skin alchemist, making holistic remedies that have deeply powerful and healing capabilities. Dayle shares her expert wisdom for using this ancient tool with us.

How to Use a Jade Roller:
1. Start by applying your serum or moisturizer. Our favorite serum is Dayle’s Truthful Serum. It stimulates collagen in the skin and actively firms and moisturizes the skin while providing deep healing, antioxidant benefits.
2. As the serum dissolves into the skin, you'll want to apply a facial spritz, such as Dayle's Synergy Mist, to provide your skin with moisture. This will prevent you from stretching your skin and damaging its elasticity during the jade rolling process. "Keep misting throughout the process— it will plump the skin cells and penetrate the product better," Dayle says.
3. Dayle stresses that its important to visualize a vertical line that runs from your forehead to your chest and to not cross that invisible line during this process. To effectively drain the lymphatic system, which minimizes swelling and puffiness in the skin and improves the look and health of the facial area, you need to encourage the movement of lymphatic fluid in your face towards the ears or the collarbone, which are the two drainage points.
4. Start in the middle of your forehead, remembering to treat your face as two halves. Gently glide the roller from the forehead out and down towards the ear. Continue to guide the toxins in your face outwards by massaging each section of your forehead towards the ear. Do not roll back and forth.
5. Continue to work your way down your face, remembering to start in the middle and push the roller outwards all the way to the ear.
6. When you reach your jawline, push the roller along the jaw, towards the ear and then down towards the collarbone.
7. Continue from your jawline down, pushing the roller towards your collarbone.
8. Repeat this process on the other side of your face.


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