Love Rituals with Rose Quartz Points

Love Rituals with Rose Quartz Points

Whether you’re in a relationship, recovering from a broken heart or on a journey to self-love, setting intentions around love and intimate relationships helps us grow as individuals, and using rose quartz can enhance those intentions.  Often times, we forget that we should have goals in this area of our lives. We think our relationships are working or that there’s been a love curse placed on us, but really, any romantic relationship, with yourself or another, requires constant attention and growth. When we set intentions around love, no matter what type of love, we begin to shift our behaviors and mindset that might have been holding us back from having healthy relationships, or from taking the next step.

Using rose quartz for love, find which mini-ritual best suits your love intention for this month and practice it daily. Before starting your ritual, write down your intention and your current blockages and notice what patterns change after practicing one of these meditations for one moon cycle or 40 days.

Love Yourself First

Self-love is the most important relationship we can have in our lifetime. When we develop a deep love of our self, we open our hearts to receive love from others and to give abundant love in return.

Take your rose quartz point and begin writing in a journal at least ten things you love about yourself. Then take your journal and rose quartz point and stand in front of a mirror. Holding your rose quartz point in both hands, and read what you love about yourself out loud, as you look yourself in the eye. Practice this everyday for 40 days. When you’re able to confidently say these things about yourself, you’re neurologically reprogramming your cellular essence, and improving the well-being of your mind, body and spirit. After those 40 days, you’re list will grow and you can continue to practice this everyday.

Attract Love

Finding the right one is a difficult and daunting task. Often times, people find themselves dating similar people, and wonder why they constantly attract relationships that don’t work out. When we enter a new relationship, it brings a lot of our past to the forefront. What has not been forgiven or healed from past relationships will continue to manifest in new relationships. In order to move forward and attract a long-lasting love, we must clear the energy from the past.

Lying down on your back, place a piece of malachite stone over your heart as you’re holding rose quartz point in your hands. Close your eyes and allow yourself to enter a relaxing meditative state. Bring up all the emotions and patterns from your past relationships that you haven’t been able to release. The healing crystals will transform those energies that you haven’t released. Once you’ve released those emotions, using rose quartz for love is the strongest force you can use to attract love.

Mend a Broken Heart

Healing from past can take an extremely long time, but if you actively work on it, the processed can move much quicker. Laying with the rose quartz point on your chest, close your eyes and deepen your breath. Think back to your ended relationship. Ask yourself, what was the lesson that this person was brought into my life to teach me? Remember, in order to heal, you must not be resentful, but rather forgiving and open to learning from the relationship. Really dig deep into what that person was meant to teach you—maybe it was boundaries, confidence or self-growth. Once you discover what they were meant to show you, how you see the other person shifts and you can forgive and release them, grow and move forward to finding your best self and best partner.

Grow Your Love

Being in a loving relationship requires constant growth, connection and communication. Sometimes, as time goes on, less focus is put on those things, as the other person in the relationship becomes a normal part of our lives. Fostering the connection between partners is the key for happiness within a relationship.

In a seated position, hold the rose quartz point in your hands and close your eyes. While harnessing the energy of rose quartz love, think about all the ways your partner loves and supports you. Then think about all of the ways you can be more loving towards them. Where can your connection deepen? What things are holding you back from maintaining that electric connection you had in the first weeks of dating? Work with the rose quartz daily and continue to reflect on these questions. Relationships take constant connection, so offering yourself each morning to discover exactly how you can be present and loving in the relationship that day will greatly improve your love.

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