Using Rose Quartz Crystals for Pets


Using crystals for healing is by no means a new age concept. In fact, crystals permeate the entire span of human history! Almost every ancient civilization used crystals and gemstones in some way—for medicinal healing, as talismans for protection, as adornments in ceremonies and much more. Today, crystals have become a fundamental in our daily lives.

Have you ever thought of using crystals for pets? Like us, animals often seem to have a conscious affinity with crystals, being drawn to certain ones they may need in their life. They appear to sense the energy from crystals more acutely than we do sometimes. Some pets will happily accept using crystals for healing, and others will take a couple days to get used to the idea.

crystals for pets

When presented with many crystals, Rylee chose to lay by Rose Quartz & other heart chakra crystals. It’s interesting as she has a new kitten sister, Olive, and is experiencing some jealousy & adjustment issues.

Crystal healing for animals can be very beneficial, especially during times of stress or if they are exhibiting specific behaviors.  It is a wonderful way to benefit your pet’s health, overall well-being and life quality. Since animals are instinctively drawn to crystals, they seemingly sense what the crystal can do for him or her. For example, your pet can sense that Rose Quartz will help to calm their nerves and will help them to sleep. These qualities are what make many pets, especially rescue pets, attracted to Rose Quartz.

Rose Quartz is one of the best crystals for pets to wear. Its energy will help your pet to learn how to accept love and companionship without associating it with fear. It helps to dissipate fear, replacing it with feelings of confidence and love. Rose Quartz is the ideal healing crystal to use with rescue pets, especially when you are introducing a new pet into your household. Its loving energy helps to heal the effects of past abuse, opening up the heart chakra to release all the pent-up hatred and resentment. It also soothes and reduces your rescue pets’ stress level so they can begin to adapt to their new love-filled life. If your pet is displaying any of the following behaviors or emotions, he or she can greatly benefit from the use of crystals for pets—specifically the energy of Rose Quartz: anger and aggression, fear, muscular tension, nervousness, past abuse or cruelty, resentment, seeing all humans as bad, or stress. These are all behaviors that the energy of Rose Quartz will help to heal.



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