DIY Facial Mist Infused with Rose Quartz

DIY Facial Mist with Rose Quartz

Calling all do-it-yourselfers and all-things-beauty obsessed fans out there because we’ve got a DIY for a new beauty essential you’ll fall crazy in love with! Can you think of a more perfect product than one that emanates positive vibes + restores your skin to give you a radiating glow? One of our favorite concoctions we’ve stirred up to do just that is crystal-infused DIY facial mist! This recipe for love & beauty enhances your self-love and positivity with every spritz. Among all of its amazing qualities, rose quartz is known as the stone of unconditional love for oneself and for others. Infused in a DIY facial mist, the rose quartz boosts your energy and rejuvenates your skin so you can mist yourself in a veil of confidence and beauty.

Some of the ways we suggest using the spray is in the morning to start your day off with the energy of love, throughout the day to replenish your skin and maintain a youthful dewy look, and/or at night to let go of the little things that brought you down that day in order to lift your spirits before bed. There are so many benefits to the beautiful crystal DIY facial mist and we are beyond excited to share the recipe with you! 

How to Create our DIY Facial Mist with Rose Quartz

You will need:

  • A handful of rose quartz stones
  • 4 oz. rose quartz infused beauty water (instructions below)
  • 24 drops argan oil (or any other base oil of your choice, such as Jojoba or Almond oil)
  • 12 drops your favorite essential oil (we suggest rose, grapefruit or lavender)
  • 1 glass mister bottle


  1. To create your crystal infused beauty water, place your rose quartz stones in a glass bowl and cover with filtered water.
  2. Set your bowl in direct sunlight in order to absorb the sun’s energy from sunrise to sunset.
  3. Pour the crystal infused beauty water into a spray bottle. You can remove the stones if you’d like (but we like to keep ours in our bottle).
  4. Add your argan oil and essential oil.
  5. Shake well and spritz, spritz, spritz!

Show your skin some extra love with the crystal DIY facial mist and your skin is sure to return the favor. The rose quartz facial spray is basically our version of a modern day love potion for your skin to soak in and then emit a strong love vibration. People won’t be able to help but notice your undeniable glow from within and will be vying for the secret beauty weapon in your self-love arsenal.

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Photo by Erica of Fashion Lush • Check out our collaboration for Rose Quartz Infused DIY Facial Mist.

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