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Rose Quartz Plate


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Size: Small ~6" to 7.5" • Medium ~7.5" to 9" • Large ~9" to 10.5"

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Love • Beauty • Soothing
From creating a love crystal grid to adorning your altar to charging your beauty products, the uses for this Rose Quartz Plate are truly limitless. Rose Quartz holds the energy of unconditional love and beauty, surrounding you with vibrations love and light. Add one of these rose quartz plates to your morning rituals to really take your makeup and beauty routine to the next level! Learn more about our Rose Quartz Beauty Hacks.


Since ancient times, Rose Quartz has been valued as the crystal of love and beauty. It emits a gentle soothing vibration that resonates with the heart chakra, surrounding you with love and light. The rose quartz properties remind you to love yourself and others unconditionally. It asks you to go deep within your heart space and recognize that love is the answer to all the tough questions in life. When you’re resonating with the highest frequency on Earth—love—you will attract that frequency in all aspects of your life. 

Origin: Madagascar

What Does It Mean When I’m Drawn to a Rose Quartz Plate:

When you are drawn to a Rose Quartz plate, your beauty routine is asking for an energetic boost! Infuse your skin and beauty rituals with love and light to take your self-care to the next level.

How to Use Your Rose Quartz Plate:

  • Create a love crystal grid—gather your favorite love crystals and stones and make a powerful crystal grid on top of your plate. It provides the perfect base for your grid, constantly charging all the crystals with the pure vibration of love.

  • Adorn your crystal altar—place your rose quartz plate atop your altar to hold the space of unconditional love.

The rose quartz uses are endless, but have you ever thought of incorporating it into your beauty routine? This rose quartz plate is the perfect way to elevate your beauty routine with a little crystal energy. And have a few ways to use your rose quartz slab to take your beauty to the next level:

  • Charge your beauty products—energetically charge your beauty products (skin products, makeup, face masks etc.) by placing them atop your rose quartz plate. The rose quartz properties will infuse them with the energies of love, light and beauty. When you use your products each day, you’ll be instilling this divine energy into your skin.

  • Mix in the magic—if you use mineral makeup or mix custom foundation, why not mix them on top of your rose quartz plate? This technique physically infuses your makeup with the energy of love. Pair this with positive self-affirmations to create a practice of self love into your makeup routine.



Customer Reviews

Wonderful for healing Review by T
I have been working with rose quartz for healing deep trauma, grief and PTSD. I bought this beautiful plate to use as a charging station as suggested, but recently after a particularly stressful and traumatic incident, I began using the plate on my chest over my heart during healing work. I cannot explain how wonderful, soothing and powerful this method is for me. Much more so than any other modality of rose quartz I have tried - which at the time I had thought were extremely powerful! Not even close compared to using this plate on my chest. Simply amazing and I am extremely gratfeul for Energy Muse For introducing me to it and bringing it into my life. ❤️ (Posted on 5/29/2017)

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