Wedding Bath Ritual with Crystals + Flowers

Wedding Bath Ritual with Crystals + Flowers

As we’re sure most of you can guess, our co-founder Heather Askinosie’s wedding was anything but conventional. Just to give you a little taste of it, the ceremony took place at the center of a Native American medicine wheel and the bridesmaids carried crystal balls in place of bouquets. It combined rituals from her and her husband’s combined faiths of Christianity, Judaism and Native American.

On the night before her wedding ceremony, Heather created her own meaningful wedding bath ritual to foster an aura of love before embarking on a new journey with her soon-to-be husband and partner for life. She believes that flowers are Mother Nature’s gift to all brides, so she took a flower petal bath infused with the natural healing powers of the petals to restore her emotions. In addition to the flower’s healing influences, their sweet aroma promotes a calm and lifted spirit ensuring that the bride replenishes her energy before the big day. Part of Heather’s wedding bath ritual includes speaking positive affirmations of love and placing one’s trust in Mother Nature to alleviate any anxious thoughts or nervous energy.

While she created a wedding bath ritual to celebrate her own wedding, as a gift to all future brides, Heather shares this meaningful ritual with you, so that you may meet your partner at the end of the aisle and feel more than ready to offer the promise of a harmonious future established by your enduring love.

Wedding Bath Ritual with Crystals + Flowers

What you’ll need:

Wedding Bath Ritual steps:

  1. A few days before your wedding day, take a visit to your local flower store, farmer’s market or garden to pick up your favorite flowers.
  2. In the morning on the day before your wedding, ideally when the sun is out, fill your bucket up with water.
  3. Hold the flowers over your heart and say: Healing flowers, please infuse my mind, body and soul with the grace, beauty and magic that resides within the energy of Mother Nature. I ask my guardian angel and love angels to surround me now. Please cleanse me of any fears or wedding jitters that I may be holding onto in my conscious or subconscious mind. Raise my vibration to its highest frequency of love. I am love. Thank you, thank you thank you and so it is.
  4. Hold your 2 pieces of Rose Quartz over your heart and say: I am love. I am surrounded by love. I give and receive love. 
  5. Take all the petals off the flowers and place them in your bucket of water. Place your crystals in the water as well.
  6. Sit quietly and place your hands in the water while tearing the flower petals into little pieces. With each tear of a petal, pray, meditate or set your intentions for your wedding day. At the end, the water, flower petals and crystals will hold the energy of your wishes and dreams.
  7. Place your bucket outside in the sun, and let the water, petals and crystals soak up its energy for at least 4 hours.
  8. At night, when you’re ready to take your bath, light a candle and fill your tub up with warm water. Pour your floral + crystal water into your wedding bath. Place your rose quartz crystals next to your candle.
  9. Enter your bathtub and see the beauty of the flowers touching your body and infusing your aura. Smell the fragrant aroma. Feel the energy of your dreams and wishes soaking into your body and filling your aura. Visualize your wedding day. Dream it into being.
  10. Soak for 11 to 20 minutes.
  11. After your bath is complete, and the water has drained, gather all the petals and give them back to the Earth by putting them outside in a garden or in the grass. Place the rose quartz in your bedroom.
  12. Finally, give a prayer of thanks and thank yourself for taking the time and energy to nurture your dreams. May your wedding day be filled with magic and your marriage be blessed!

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Wedding Bath Ritual with Crystals + Flowers


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