A Guide to Meditating with Crystals

Heather Askinosie|May 21, 2021

Meditation is extremely beneficial for every part of our being—our mind, our body and our spirit. It helps us to relax, clears our mind and releases negative energy and unwanted thoughts. Using meditation crystals is a powerful way to deepen your meditation, as well as achieve a specific outcome during your meditation. On a spiritual level, learning how to meditate with crystals can help to raise your consciousness and awareness, deepening your intuition and bringing insight.

Whether you’re a frequent meditator or you’re just getting started, and regardless of how long you’ve been working with crystals, bringing these two energetic practices together unlocks a new way to take care of yourself. And with so many different meditation stones available, there’s truly a crystal for every kind of meditative experience you could wish for. 

If you’re not sure what your goal for your meditation practice is, it’s fun to experiment and meditate with different healing stones and crystals to get a feel for their energies and how they can enhance your practice. Once you pick up on the different combination of energies, you can begin to incorporate a variety of different meditations into your daily life. And while there are some stones that are particularly useful, any stone or crystal can be used for meditation. Let crystals be the tools to help you start and maintain your meditation practice, connect with a specific intention or goal, and move into deeper states of meditation.

The more you begin to practice meditating with crystals, the more you’ll want to experience different energies. Here are some different ways you can incorporate meditation stones into your everyday life:

Must-Have Tools, Crystals and Stones for Meditation

We always recommend everyone have at least two crystals for meditation—quartz crystal and selenite crystal. As some of the best crystals for meditation, these are our go-to stones for when you’re just starting out. There are also some other energy tools you can use to enhance your meditation.

Clear Quartz 

This is one of the best crystals for meditation because it can be programmed with your specific intention for your meditation. If you’re asking a question looking for a mental breakthrough, this is the stone you need. Clear Quartz crystals bring clarity of the mind and help you to become more focused and clear about your dreams. They also amplify the energy of any other crystal, making it ideal to use in any other crystal meditation.


This crystal is beneficial for meditation because it helps you to clear your mind and relax your body. Selenite healing properties facilitate the release of negative energy and energy blockages to energetically cleanse your body. This crystal also brings a flow of positive energy to raise your vibration and elevate your state. While any Selenite crystal is a powerful tool for meditation, a pair of Selenite harmonizers help you to achieve balance, equilibrium, and peace through your meditation session.


Sacred smoke has been used to help induce meditation for centuries. Pick a scent of incense that resonates with you to help you find peace as you enter a meditative state. Frankincense Resin is one of our favorite meditation incenses.

Palm Stones

Palm stones or touchstones are a great tool for beginners or seasoned meditators. They’re stones that are larger than normal tumbled stones, so they fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. As you meditate, hold one stone in each hand and feel the energy of the stones flowing into your body and calming your mind. They also give you something tangible to connect with, making your meditation a physical practice, as well as a mental and emotional one.

Ways to Use Crystals for Meditation

Meditate with a Crystal for Your Intention

In addition to using Clear Quartz or Selenite, there are truly endless possibilities when it comes to meditation crystals. When you’re deciding which crystal to incorporate into your meditation, first start by choosing a crystal that contains healing properties or energies that are in line with what you want to achieve. For example, if you want to use your meditation to calm your mind, a calming crystal like Amethyst would be perfect. Or, if you’re using meditation before bed to help with falling asleep, a crystal for sleep like Lepidolite would be ideal. Setting intentions and meditating with your crystal can enhance and magnify your results, and it’s really up to you to decide what result you want!

Create a Crystal Grid Layout for Meditating with Crystals

Laying stones or crystals on your body allows the healing properties of stones to activate that area of your body. Creating a crystal layout on your body during meditation can help you create a physical experience and address different layers of your energy as you meditate. One of the most popular forms of crystal body layouts for meditation is for chakra healing, so we’ve designed a layout of meditation chakra stones for each of the 7 main chakras. See which chakra you need to heal the most and try meditating with a crystal grid on your body:

A Guide to Meditating with Crystals

Use Crystal Mala Beads For Meditation 

Mala beads are very powerful tools to use in your meditation practice. First created in India over 3000 years ago, mala beads have been worn for thousands of years by yogis and spiritual seekers from all over the world. Pre-dating the rosary, the history of mala beads is rooted in Hinduism, Buddhism, Tibetan culture and yoga, as it is an ancient modality used for prayer, meditation and ultimately, for a focused intention. The word mala in Sanskrit means meditation garland. Originally, mala beads were used in a special style of meditation called Japa, which means to recite.

Traditionally, mala necklaces have 108 beads, because 108 is a very auspicious and spiritually significant number that represents spiritual completion. Energy Muse Mala necklaces feature 108 crystal beads, enhancing the power of the mala necklace with crystal energies. These mala necklaces are made with some of the best meditation stones, such as: 

  • Green Aventurine mala necklace: known as a lucky charm, the Green Aventurine crystal is one of the best for intentions related to abundance, prosperity, and growth. Using a Green Aventurine mala necklace is a powerful way to tap into the abundant energy around you.   
  • Pink Aventurine mala necklace: the soft, pink energy of this heart chakra crystal opens your heart to love and happiness. A Pink Aventurine mala helps to heal and mend your heart, while also filling you with positive energy and high vibrations.
  • Amazonite mala necklace: connected to the energy of water, Amazonite supports fluidity and flexibility. It brings hope and optimism, and helps you find more joy in your life. An Amazonite mala can guide you to embrace a “go-with-the-flow” attitude and a positive outlook on life. 

To use a crystal mala necklace in meditation, hold the mala in your non-dominant hand. Use your thumb and another finger on your dominant hand to touch each bead as you meditate. Every time you touch a bead, you can repeat an affirmation or mantra aloud or in your head. You can also choose to use the beads to count your breaths instead of an affirmation or mantra.

Invoke Deeper States of Meditation with Crystals

Certain crystals work well to open the higher consciousness of your mind. The most powerful are usually blue gemstones, purple crystals and white stones. These colors are associated with the higher chakras that allow you to clear your mind, live your truth and receive wisdom from the universe. Some of our favorites include:

Meditation Crystals 

Include these meditation stones in your collection for supporting an intention of peace and balance with a daily practice of gentle, open awareness and tranquility of the mind. Along with placing palm stones or tumbled meditation crystals on your different chakras located throughout the body, enhance the positive effects of your healing practice by lying on top of a bed of crystal chips. 

Blue Apatite: The best meditation stones are those with soothing and relaxing vibes like deep blue-colored Blue Apatite, a crystal known for supporting creativity and inspiration. This crystal is especially essential for meditation sessions involving an intention to move forward on a creative project or manifest feelings of passion and epiphanies. 

Smoky Quartz: A wonderful grounding tool is Smoky Quartz, which has cleansing and stabilizing properties that will clarify your intention and purpose during your meditation practice. Hold the stones in your hands while you meditate or place them in a healing grid below your feet for grounding and balance.

Black Tourmaline: Known for its protective properties, Black Tourmaline is a great addition to your collection of meditation crystals because it creates an energetic shield that protects you from harmful vibes coming from both yourself or your environment. Also providing grounding effects, place the stones below your feet to stabilize the root chakra and hold pieces in your hands as you meditate.    

Rainbow Obsidian:  This crystal is ideal for meditation because it has powerful healing properties from its combination of different color bands. When you use Rainbow Obsidian during meditation, it will help you move forward towards light and love by giving you support in processing past traumas and leaving the past behind you.

Amethyst Stones: Amethyst stones also stimulate the crown chakra and calm your thoughts, making them a wonderful healing gemstone to meditate with. Amethyst healing properties also include bringing clarity of the mind and helping you to become more in tune with your feelings. This stone of intuition is ideal for getting to know yourself on a much deeper level, which is why an amethyst meditation is so powerful.

Azurite: Known for its ability to clear the mind, Azurite helps you access your inner wisdom. It expands your mind so you can focus and zero in on what is important. When your mind is busy and it’s hard to think straight, meditate with an Azurite stone to get focused.

Celestite: Celestite is one of the most popular meditation crystals because it helps smooth the transition into a peaceful state of awareness. Some healers believe it even helps them tap into their psychic and intuitive abilities. Working with the Celestite stone during meditation can encourage you to download messages from the spiritual realm and receive guidance and inspiration.

Lapis Lazuli: A Lapis Lazuli stone is said to help enhance your awareness, insight and truth. It is a healing gemstone that has existed since the beginning of time.  Lapis Lazuli stones make wonderful tools to deepen your meditation during your yoga practice.

Labradorite: Labradorite deepens your meditation and raises your consciousness. It stimulates your inner awareness, bringing you closer to discovering your true self. It helps you to unfold your true-life purpose and uncover your destiny.

Lepidolite: A natural anxiety reliever, Lepidolite soothes your thoughts and brings calm to your mind. Lepidolite stones are great for meditating with when you are feeling anxious, worries or stressed as they bring ease to chaotic or overwhelming thoughts and guide you back to your natural state of being.

Meditating with Crystals - Energy Muse

How to Meditate with Crystals

After you have chosen your crystal, you are ready for your meditation. There is no right or wrong way to meditate—just as there is no right or wrong crystal to use. And while everyone’s meditation preferences are unique, there are a few very popular ways you can learn how to meditate with crystals. Some of the best ways to utilize your meditation crystals during your meditation are to 1) hold them in your hands while meditating or 2) lay them on your body, ideally so that they touch your skin. If you are new to meditating with crystals, here is a simple daily meditation with crystals to use to help you get started:

  1. First, find a quiet space where you feel comfortable and relaxed.
  2. Sit quietly with the healing stones or crystals that you wish to use nearby.
  3. Close your eyes and quiet your mind, focusing your attention on your breathing
  4. Pick up the crystals or stones and hold them comfortably in your hands.
  5. Imagine your awareness spiraling down into the stone, feeling the energy of your crystal.
  6. Breathe in the highest white light, and let the crystal’s energy fill your mind and permeate your senses.
  7. Visualize your intention. Your crystals and stones are listening.
  8. Relax your mind and your body. Sit with your crystals as long as you need.
  9. When you are finished, and feel completely relaxed and at peace, complete the grounding process by seeing all aspects of your awareness spiraling back out of the crystal and into your body. Feel yourself connect with the Earth and your body.
  10. Open your eyes and take a few deep breaths.

    Your Guided Crystal Meditations

    While you can meditate by simply closing your eyes and focusing on your breath, another powerful way to harness the power of this practice is through guided meditation. When you’re first starting out, guided meditation can help you to stay present in your practice. And even if you’ve been meditating for quite some time, trying a new method in the form of guided meditation can help you explore new aspects of the practice. We’ve chosen three of our absolute favorite meditation crystals, Selenite, Amethyst and Clear Quartz, and created 10-minute guided meditation recordings so all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the experience. 

    How to Meditate With Crystals 

    If you’re wondering how to meditate with crystals, there are many different methods you can use. Here are more of our favorite healing techniques that have worked for us over the years:

    • Crystal Bowl Meditation

    Incorporating healing bowls into your meditation practice is another way to deepen a peaceful and tranquil state of mind that opens you up to spiritual transformation. There are several different energy tools you can use. Some of our go-to products include Tibetan singing bowls, which have cleansing and grounding effects with their healing sounds and vibrations. The bowl itself is also cleansing with its seven different earth metals. A Clear Quartz crystal singing bowl also produces a vibrational sound with a dreamy, ethereal quality, which helps set the mood for deep meditation practice.

    • Chakra Meditation 

    There are seven different chakras, which represent the various energy centers located throughout the body. Each chakra is associated with stones that have particular properties known to open and activate these energy centers. When used in meditation, cleansing and activating the chakras is an effective way to practice an overall energetic cleanse for rejuvenation and healing. Place chakras stones on corresponding energy centers and allow the unique properties of each crystal to cleanse and recharge your mind, body, and spirit. 

    To get the most out of your guided meditations, we recommend incorporating them into your daily routine. Start your day with Selenite, end your day with Amethyst, and use Clear Quartz whenever you need in-between.

    A Selenite Crystal Meditation is perfect for elevating your morning ritual. By uplifting and clearing your energy through this crystal meditation, you can ensure that you feel your best at the start of each day.

    An Amethyst Crystal Meditation can up-level your nighttime routine by helping you prepare your spirit for restful sleep. Through the calming properties of the stone, your Amethyst meditation allows you to rest and relax before bed. 

    A Clear Quartz Crystal Meditation can help you navigate a cluttered mind or busy thoughts by clearing your mind and aligning with your inner light. This guided meditation allows you to connect with the high vibration energy of this stone so you can keep your mind and your thoughts at a higher vibration. This meditation can help you get focused, release stress and anxiety, remove negative thoughts, and enhance your decision-making skills. 

    Now that you have the tools, you’re ready to get meditating!

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    Heather Askinosie

    Heather Askinosie

    Heather Askinosie is a crystal expert and leading influencer on the power of crystals, Feng Shui and holistic healing. For nearly 30 years, she has been researching the scientific and spiritual aspects of energy. After studying with the best healers from all over the world, she has used the past three decades of her career to translate ancient wisdom into simple tools that anyone can use to transform their life. In 2000, she co-founded Energy Muse with business partner, Timmi Jandro. Energy Muse provides tools of empowerment and inspiration in the tangible form of jewelry and crystals. Her crystal teachings can be found in her book Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune into the Real You as well as mindbodygreen, Well+Good, The Chalkboard Mag, and more. Learn more about Heather at energymuse.com.


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