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Chakra Healing Stones


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Balance • Alignment • Cleansing
The Chakra Healing Stones help to align, balance and cleanse your seven chakras. This bag comes with seven chakra stones to connect with each of your chakras: Red Jasper, Carnelian, Yellow Jasper, Aventurine, Sodalite, Amethyst and Quartz Crystal. Learn how to use chakra stones! 


The seven chakras are wheels of energy within our bodies that our energy flows through. When your chakras are aligned and balanced, we feel energized, grounded and centered—making chakra cleansing extremely important for our overall health and wellbeing. The Chakra Healing Stones combine 7 chakra stones to help you with chakra healing and balancing: 

Red Jasper is connected with your first Root Chakra, and brings stability and grounding energies to connect you with the energy of the Earth. Carnelian is connected with the second Sacral Chakra to infuse your body with creativity, passion and courage. Connected with the third Solar Plexus Chakra, Yellow Jasper energizes your body, filling it with light, happiness and joy. Aventurine is connected with the fourth Heart Chakra, bringing unconditional love and helping to open up your heart. Connected with the fifth Throat Chakra, Sodalite facilitates open communication and truth. Amethyst brings intuitive and spiritual energies and is tied with your sixth Brow Chakra. Quartz Crystal is connected to your seventh Crown Chakra, bringing clarity, enlightenment and self-realization. 

Affirmation: My chakras are in alignment. I am balanced, connected and grounded. 

The Chakra Healing Stones comes with seven chakra stones in an organza bag. Due to the nature of the stones, they will all vary slightly in color, shape, size and pattern. To learn more about how to use chakra stones, check out our blog post, Chakra Cleansing with Crystals


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