Feng Shui Crystals for the Home

Crystals are used in Feng Shui in a vast array of different ways, all sharing one specific goal—to bring positive, Earth energy into your home. Energy Muse co-founder, Heather Askinosie, has been studying the scientific and spiritual aspects of feng shui crystals and energy for over 26 years. She has studied with the best healers and crystal experts from all over the world to know exactly where to place crystals in the home.

Our new collection of Feng Shui Crystals for the home encompasses powerful combinations of crystals to help you with the Feng Shui basics. These crystal bags will help you create an environment where you can bring all your dreams and goals come to life. Decorating your home or office with these feng shui stones is a simple, yet powerful way to bring the energy of the Earth into your space.

Our Feng Shui crystals for the home collection has 9 specific combinations of healing crystals—one representing each of the nine Feng Shui bagua sections—designed to bring you a desired energy. The bagua is one of the main tools used in Feng Shui to analyze the energy of any given space, whether it be a home, office or garden. It is essentially an energy map of your space that shows you which areas of your home or office are connected to the specific areas of your life, revealing where to place crystals in the home. Choose the combination of Feng Shui crystals that best fits the energy needs of your home!

For the Garden Crystals

For the Garden Crystals

The For the Garden Crystals are connected with the prosperity, wealth and abundance section of the bagua—the rear left corner. If you garden, you always want your plants and flowers to be thriving and abundant. Bury your Green Aventurine and Quartz Crystals in your garden to help your plants grow healthy, strong and beautiful. Aventurine brings a very strong connection to the Earth, helping your plants to grow and have deep roots in the Earth. It also brings renewal energies to your garden. Quartz Crystal helps to energize your garden. You can also program your quartz crystals to hold your intention for your garden. Another combination of crystals for the home that is perfect for this bagua section is our Wealth Crystal Bag, as it combines 8 abundance crystals for the home to bring you prosperity and wealth.

For the fame, reputation and creativity section of the bagua, the rear middle, use our Get Creative Crystals. These Carnelian, Tiger’s Eye and Goldstone healing stones will help provide you with a creative boost when you are feeling burnt out, uninspired and unmotivated. Carnelian helps to boost creative energies and awaken hidden talents, which is why it has become so popular with actors and actresses. It enhances your confidence and self-esteem, helping you to overcome the fear of taking action and possibly doing the wrong thing. Tiger’s Eye brings good luck and new opportunities, helping you to harness your personal power. Goldstone deflects all negative energies and helps to increase your drive for life. We like to place these Feng Shui crystals in our kitchen, office or art room, or just carry them with us daily to use when we need a little inspiration.

With no explanation really needed, our Love is in the Air Crystals are for the Love and Relationships section of the bagua—the rear right. If you are looking to attract love or strengthen a current relationship, these are the healing crystals for you! Rose Quartz, Pink Aventurine and jade help to attract the energy of love and romance by opening and balancing the heart chakra. When placing these love crystals in the home, you will want to put them in your bedroom. They will be most beneficial somewhere near your bed, so either on a nightstand or even under your pillow. You can also hand them from a window in your bedroom, or somewhere where the light will hit them.

The Touched By Nature Crystals are connected with the foundation and family section—middle left. Bringing the energy of the Earth and nature into your home brings peaceful and calming energies into your space. This is very helpful when there is tension within the family, helping to calm and center everyone’s energies to unite the family. If you are someone who does not have a green thumb or cannot have plants in your home, these are perfect for you! Tree Agate, Rhyolite (often called Rainforest Jasper) and Green Calcite bring calming, centering and relaxing energies to create a peaceful home environment and deepen your connection to the Earth.

Bring healing, unifying and positive energies into your home with our Bring in the Light Crystals. Citrine, Yellow Jasper and Pyrite are all powerful sun crystals that carry energies of happiness, optimism and joy. Happiness and health go hand in hand; you cannot have one without the other. These stones emit protective and positive vibrations, filling your home with light to increase the happiness of your household. As for where to place these crystals in your home, we would recommend that you place them on a prominent windowsill in your home, somewhere where they will catch the sunlight and can be constantly charged by the sun’s energy. You can also hang them in your window from the curtain rod.

Clean Energy Crystals

Clean Energy Crystals

For your family, and especially for children, you always want to maintain pure and clean energy in your home. Use our Clean Energy Crystals in mid-right area of your home, in reference to the creativity and children bagua section. Amethyst, Labradorite and Black Tourmaline are powerful crystals for protection from negative energy. They absorb and repel all negative energy, while constantly attracting positive energy, to fill your home with clean and pure energy. Place your crystals in a prominent area of your home or office. It is very beneficial to place them next to your computer or other electronics to absorb any electromagnetic energy from them. Using your clean energy crystals with our Sage Cleansing Set and Palo Santo Wood.

To encourage personal and spiritual growth, try using our Ocean Gems crystals. This combination of Seashells, Amazonite, Aquamarine and Yellow Jasper help to fill your home with the water element energy. They connect you with the energy of the ocean to bring happiness, harmony and positive vibrations. These Feng Shui stones bring peace of mind, with soothing and calming energies, to facilitate a smooth transition of a new beginning. They are the most powerful when placed near running water, so place them next to your sink, bathtub or near any fountains you may have in your home.

Whether you are looking to get a promotion, change your career or achieve any work related goals, everyone wants career and work success! In order to achieve this, you must have a peaceful environment at home and at work, because stress, anxiety and negative energy create energy blockages that can hold you back from achieving this success. Our Peaceful Home Crystals fill the space with tranquil and calming energies to remove any negative energies. Sodalite, Angelite and Amazonite are all very soothing and healing crystals that create protective energy around you, in your space, so that you can be clear about your goals and aspirations. Place them in the main living space of your home or in a prominent area of your office/business so that you can benefit from the healing power of crystals.

crystals to help you sleep

crystals to help you sleep

Many, many people suffer from insomnia and not being able to fall asleep at night—especially while traveling or after relocating. The Restful Nights Crystals are perfect for when you are traveling or to use every night at home. The combination of Amethyst, Selenite and Quartz Crystal will bring calming and relaxing energies to help you sleep through the night and get a good night’s rest. If you are someone who constantly struggles with insomnia or sleep-related issues, these Feng Shui crystals are definitely something you should give a try. Place them under your pillow, or on your nightstand if that is uncomfortable for you, before you head to sleep.

Having healing crystals in your home, whether it be large crystals or tumbled stones, are extremely beneficial. They bring the energy of the Earth into your environment, which is healing, purifying and uplifting. Using crystals in the home helps to harmonize the home, assuring that there is a constant flow of pure, clear and positive energy. Explore our the Energy Muse Crystal Shop, full of tumbled stones, crystal healing bags and large crystals for sale, to find the perfect healing crystals for the home!


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