Citrine is the stone of light and happiness. It does not hold any negative energy and therefore never needs to be cleansed. Wearing citrine jewelry against your skin enhances the clarity of mind, stimulating and activating the mind and thinking process. It helps to balance the 3rd Solar Chakra, which is the center of breath. When this chakra center is balanced, happiness, self-discipline, flexibility and reliability are enhanced. Wearing citrine stone jewelry helps you to feel good about yourself, infusing your life with happiness, confidence and overall energy. 
citrine jewelry
  • Chakra Healing Bracelet

    Balance • Alignment • EnergyThe Chakra Healing Bracelets were designed to help balance, align and cleanse your 7 chakras. These rainbow bracelets contain chakra cleansing stones associated with each of your chakras. When you want align your chakras or stabilize your overall energy, wear…
  • Chakra Healing Stones

    Balance • Alignment • CleansingThe Chakra Healing Stones help to align, balance and cleanse your seven chakras. This bag comes with seven chakra stones to connect with each of your chakras: Red Jasper, Carnelian, Yellow Jasper, Aventurine, Sodalite, Amethyst and Quartz Crystal. Learn how…
  • Citrine Point

    Happiness • Positivity • Abundance This crystal’s vibe is anything but sour! Sweet is the essence of this fortune flourishing gem. A Natural Citrine Point is known as the “money stone” because it is believed to elevate optimism and energy to a place more able to manifest…
  • Happiness Bracelet

    Positive Energy • Joy • UpliftingMade with Citrine, Tiger’s Eye and Sunstone, the Happiness Bracelet brings happiness, joy and positivity into your life. Wear the Happiness Bracelet when you feel out of touch and want to connect your internal joy. Let it be a reminder of your…
  • Home Blessings Crystal Grid Kit

    Fill your home with positive energy, happiness and tranquility with the Home Blessings Crystal Grid Kit! This crystal grid set combines the peaceful energies of Amethyst, Citrine and Angelite with the amplifying energies of Clear Quartz and Selenite to create a space filled with positivity and joy.…
  • Lotus Necklace

    New Beginnings • Awakening • BeautyThe Lotus Necklace was designed to embody the energy of the Lotus flower, a symbol of beauty, purity and new beginnings. Made with Citrine, Rose Quartz, Peridot, Rhodochrosite & Pearls, this necklace brings renewing and spiritually awakening energies…
  • Money Magnet Bracelets

    Wealth • Prosperity • AbundanceMade with Malachite, Garnet, Tiger’s Eye, Pyrite, Aventurine, Bloodstone, Citrine, Amethyst, and CLear Quartz, the Money Magnet Bracelets were designed using numerology and crystal energy to create the ideal combination to bring wealth into your life.…
  • Natural Citrine Sphere

    Wealth • Abundance • PotentialCitrine energy can be the key to unlocking your financial potential. Our resident crystal expert, Heather Askinosie, works with citrine spheres to resolve lingering issues that have created stuck energy. The energy of financial abundance is…

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  • Prosperity Crystal Grid Kit

    Wealth • Abundance • SuccessSupercharge your wealth intentions with the Prosperity Crystal Grid Kit! This crystal grid set combines the abundant energies of Citrine, Aventurine and Pyrite with the amplifying energies of Clear Quartz and Selenite to create a formula to keep the prosperity…
  • Remover of Obstacles Bracelet

    Opportunity • Clarity • GraceMade with Smoky Quartz, Citrine and Rudraksha Seeds, the Remover of Obstacles bracelet gives you the tools to clear the way for the you are meant to lead. Wear the Remover of Obstacles Bracelet when you need help moving forward. If something is standing in…

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