Benefits of Wearing Shungite

Benefits of Wearing Shungite

Shungite has quickly become one of the healing stones we cannot live without. Its energy is so powerful and the shungite properties are so beneficial to our bodies, we keep shungite close by at all times. Shungite healing aids in balancing the chakras, protecting against electromagnetic radiation and boosting the body’s immune system. Wearing shungite creates a noticeable shift in your energy field, by detoxifying the physical and energetic systems in your body. Wear shungite necklace or elite shungite necklace over your heart chakra is beneficial because that is a very receptive point of your body. Wearing an shungite necklace strengthens shungite healing by allowing you to work with it continuously throughout the day.

One of the most powerful effects of wearing shungite that we’ve noticed is the balancing of the chakras. The energy of the shungite brings up thoughts and emotions those forces us to examine our beliefs, patterns and events in our lives that are causing us pain. It even physically detoxes areas associated with different chakras, which is why it is recommended to only wear shungite or elite shungite for an hour at a time until you become accustomed to its energy. Wearing shungite will not only make chakra healing more powerful, but it will also neutralize the energy being released from a blocked or over-active chakra. Neutralizing the energy will allow you to safely practice chakra healing and restore balance to the root chakra, allowing your energy to move into the higher chakras.

Wearing shungiteThroughout the day, we are surrounded by technology. Offices, cars, stores and even other people’s bodies emit harmful radiation known as electromagnetic radiation. Shungite properties also have the ability to protect your energy field from the harmful energies that you are otherwise unable to prevent, simply from the nature of today’s society. Wearing a shungite allows you to carry the strong protective energies with you wherever you go, keeping you shielded from any harmful radiation you may come in contact with throughout the day.

Many studies suggest that using shungite for therapeutic purposes stimulates the immune system and activates a healing process within the body. Having shungite come in contact with your body throughout the day helps to heal the body, foster a peaceful energy field, and balance the energetic body. Wear shungite if you have a health concern to aid in the detoxification practice. As with any solution related to well-being, the use of shungite should never replace the advice of a medical doctor.

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