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Shungite Bath Kit


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Take your shungite healing to the next level with a shungite digital detox bath! Due to the presence of natural fullerenes in Shungite, this black stone carries strong purifying, detoxifying and cleansing properties to eliminate negativity, stress, anxiety and anything else that is health hazardous to the body. It is also a powerful crystal for EMF protection and root chakra healing, creating optimal balance throughout the body. Taking a shungite bath sucks the negativity, toxins and electromagnetic energy from your body to physically and digitally detoxify you! 

Please note: Shungite is detoxifying and purifying, and will put your body into detox--whichever way you need--emotional or physical. So listen to your own body! If you start feeling nauseous or get a headache, ease yourself into the baths, acclimating yourself to the energy before you begin taking the full 20 minute baths. Start with soaking for 5 minutes, then the next time 10 and so on so that you don't shock your body. If you find yourself feeling the detoxing effects, try holding selenite to balance your body out. 


Said to be around two billion years old, Shungite is a powerful, ancient healing stone that is proving to be our latest “crystal obsession.” It is the only known material to naturally contain molecules called fullerenes, extremely powerful antioxidants which earned scientists a Nobel Prize for their discovery and research. Shungite is one of the first crystals that have seemed to peak the interest of science.  True shungite healing crystals can only be found in the Karelia area of Russia.

Due to the presence of fullerenes within it, Shungite carries strong purifying, detoxifying and cleansing properties. It absorbs and eliminates any negative energies and anything that is health hazardous to the body. Because of the shungite properties, taking a shungite bath is a very, very powerful crystal detox bath. Bathing with it pulls toxins, stress, anxiety and any excess energy from the body to bring it back into balance. Taking shungite baths also helps to:

  • Relax you, lowering your stress and anxiety levels
  • Decrease fatigue and help with sore muscles
  • Normalize sleep patterns to encourage restful sleep
  • Improve the condition of your skin by improving blood circulation, leaving it looking healthier and smoother
  • Recharges you with energy 

Taking a shungite bath is also a beneficial tool for a different kind of detox—a digital detox. Digital detoxes are slowly but surely becoming more and more popular, and for good reason—we are all constantly glued to technology. Whether it’s your TV, cellphone, tablet or computer, we are all addicted to constantly immersing ourselves in a world of technology. This over-stimulates our senses and actually can cause us anxiety from the overload of information. Detach from the digital world and get back into your body with the help of a shungite bath! 

To take a Shungite digital detox bath, begin filling up your tub with water. Place a handful of shungite chips into the black mesh bag and add them to the bath water. Let the shungite soak in the water for 20 minutes. At this point, your bathwater will be black due to the stone’s high carbon concentration. When you soak in your shungite bath, it’s as if the black water sucks the negativity, electromagnetic energy and toxins out of your body in a way that regular soap and water does not. Instead of just physically cleaning the dirt from your skin, taking a shungite digital detox bath goes deeper to remove the buildup of all the toxic energy from your mind, body and energy field. 

Each Shungite Bath Kit will come with 500g of shungite chips in a black mesh bag with an instructional card. All sales are final on this kit. 


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