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Energy Clearing Set


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This Energy Clearing Set includes: 1 singing bowl with a striker, 1 Selenite crystal, 1 Black Tourmaline crystal, 1 sage stick, 1 soapstone bowl and 3 Palo Santo incense cones.


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Removes Negative Energy • Cleansing • Protection
Cleansing the energy of your home is just as important as cleaning your home on a physical level, do you do it? The Energy Clearing Set makes it easy to learn how to rid your home of low, stagnant or negative vibrations, and fill it back up with vibrant positivity. This kit has all the tools you need to purify and uplift the energy of your space, including: sage, palo santo, a singing bowl, black tourmaline and selenite. With this set, valued at $100, energy cleansing is not only necessary, it’s


Most people know what appliances to use for cleaning the home, but when it comes to purifying their home’s energy, that’s a different story. With the Energy Clearing Set, you’ll never have to guess which tools to cleanse the energy of your home with. In this set, you have everything you need to purify your home with the energy of sound, crystals and the healing smoke of sage. Plus, you’ll learn how to use them to set a high-vibing intention for your home. When the energy of your space feels dull or stagnant, brighten your environment back up with the fresh vibes of this Energy Clearing Set.

Regular cleansing of the home keeps negative or spent energy from settling into your space. Use the tools in this kit to cleanse your space after exercising, having a party, a breakup, arguments, suffering a loss, an illness or any time when a lot of energy has been released into your space. In general, making energy cleansing a regular part of your home cleaning process with ensure that your space is always a high-vibing haven for you to relax in.

Cleansing Tools Included in the Energy Clearing Set:

  • Sage + Ceramic Bowl: Burn this sage bundle to release the healing smoke into your environment, and catch any falling ashes in the ceramic bowl. The sage smoke will take away any negative and unwanted energy, and leave your home feeling uplifted. Learn how to properly sage your space in this helpful blog.
  • Palo Santo Incense Cones: The smoke from burning Palo Santo infuses your space with positivity and blessings. 
  • Singing Bowl: One of the most powerful ways to breakup stagnant energy and wake up the energy of your space is through sound. A singing bowl is an instrument designed for powerful vibrations and long lasting sustain. Use it to cleanse those often overlooked areas where energy tends to collect, like in corners, window sills and doorways. To learn how to use your singing bowl, read this blog on healing sound energy.
  • Black Tourmaline: Black Tourmaline provides protection, deflects negativity, and takes the energetic hit so that you don’t have to. It acts like a bodyguard against toxic people, damaging influences, misfortune and negative energy. When placed strategically it creates a force-field to defend your home against unwanted energy. Learn how to use stones like black tourmaline for protection with this blog.
  • Selenite: Selenite clears and cleanses the energy of your space, filling it with white light. It’s high vibrations cancel out surrounding negative vibrations. When you have it in your space, it raises the vibration and energy of that room.

The Energy Clearing Set comes boxed with an instructional card. The box is approximately 8" x 9" x 3". 


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