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Energy Clearing Set


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The Energy Clearing Set includes a piece of holy Palo Santo Wood and a Selenite Wand secured with an Agate stone. These energy tools will help with clearing, cleansing and purifying the energy of your home or crystals. 


The Energy Clearing Set combines the energy cleansing powers of Palo Santo Wood and a Selenite Wand. Palo Santo is a sacred wood that, when burned, is believed to have medicinal and therapeutic power. It removes bad and negative energy, provides energetic protection and helps to uplift your spirits. A Selenite Wand is one of the most powerful energy tools to have in your home. It clears, protects and shields your home from negative energy. It also has the ability to quickly unblock stagnant energy to remove any energy blockages, creating a flow of positive energy throughout your home. The Agate stone provides protection and strength to your home.

The Energy Clearing set makes the perfect gift for energy cleansing your home and crystals! Place your Selenite Wand on a window sill, or in a prominent place, in the room that you want to cleanse. Light your Palo Santo Wood and gently blow on it until it is burning and smoking. Once the smoke fills the room, you can snuff out the flames. If you want to cleanse your crystals, place them upon the selenite wand (or next to it) and repeat the process. 

The Energy Clearing set includes one piece of Palo Santo and one Selenite Wand, and is handmade by Sweet Satya. They are approximately 3.5” long. Due to the handmade nature, and nature of the stones, they will all vary slightly in shape, color and pattern. All sales are final on this piece. 


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