Wellness in the Workplace: Turn Your Desk into a Sacred Space

Between office appropriate attire and office appropriate conversations, sometimes it can be hard to find an outlet for your office appropriate personality. Your desk should be that outlet. When work feels like a struggle, your desk should be your safe space. A place that is truly yours, accented with small tokens of your identity. A sacred space of refuge away from water cooler gossip and annoying coworkers. Treating your desk like a canvas that is yours to decorate and bring to life, is a fun way to engage your creativity at work. Bringing a few loving touches into your workspace not only allows you to express your personality, it improves your morale and overall work performance, as well. That’s especially true when those personal touches are crystals radiating creative, motivational and purifying energy. So instead of slugging through work feeling like a shadow of yourself, embrace your playful side with these tips for wellness in the workplace.

5 Tips to Bring Wellness in the Workplace

Cleanse Your Space Regularly

It’s often been said that a clear desk is a clear mind – a key component for your wellness in the workplace journey. While organizing the chaos of your desk will have a correspondingly purifying affect on the mind, it’s important to energetically cleanse your desk for the same reason. Clearing the energy after a presentation or after what feels like a particularly long day, helps to keep that energy from influencing your current state of mind. Letting that energy sit can mean returning to the same exhausted energy that you left behind the day before. To optimize your energy output, cleanse your space with sage or palo santo regularly. If burning incense is allowed at your place of work, a piece of selenite will also help improve and cleanse the energy of your space. Selenite is like liquid light, it vibrates with a flow of bright, positive energy. Not only does selenite purify the crystals and environment that surrounds it, it also never needs to be recharged.

Shungite and Black Tourmaline By Your Computer

There’s no getting away from the EMFs put out by tech devices when you have a desk job. As much as we may all have off-the-grid fantasies, most of us need our very on-the-grid jobs. So to limit the EMFs emitted from your computer, place a piece of shungite or black tourmaline by your computer. Black tourmaline is an extremely protective stone that will help shield you from EMFs as well as negative energy, and Shungite is said to be able to actually absorb the EMFs while raising your energetic frequency.

Pyrite Over the Business Card

Attract abundance by placing pyrite over your business card! Though its also referred to as fool’s gold, the serious manifestation properties of pyrite will make a fool out of no one! This stone creates a shield of protective energy, and blocks out the negative emotions and energy attached to poor business decisions. By keeping you from becoming emotionally defeated, it encourages you to have the confidence for necessary, measured risks. Not only does this elevate your energy and outlook, it also taps into your intuition to foster sound gut decision and better solutions. And who couldn’t use more of that in their work?

Inspiring Notes to Self

Sometimes you just need to remind yourself how much potential you have. Write yourself some encouraging notes telling you to strive for what you want and live for the moment. Only you know what you most need to hear right now. As you work on incorporating wellness in the workplace, post the notes around your desk so that you can reference them when you need support throughout the day.

Decorate With Crystals

Use your intuition and feel free to get creative. Remember, this is your sacred space! It should be filled with whatever crystals you’re most attracted to. If you want to add some crystals that are particularly good for wellness in the workplace, however, you may want to sprinkle your desk with amethyst, citrine, blue lace agate and carnelian. Amethyst is linked with the third eye and is known for its stress reducing properties as well as for inducing logical thought. Citrine is a manifesting stone, and useful for setting positive intentions at work. Blue lace agate will open the throat chakra to help you speak your mind and articulate your ideas. And because we could all use a little help getting over that 3 o’clock slump, Carnelian is a beneficial stone for revitalizing energy and infusing the solar plexus chakra with creativity and drive.


  • Reply June 30, 2017

    Mineral Mindz

    Thank you for this amazing post. The post describing very well how to bring wellness in our workplace. Well, natural crystals play a vital role in our life they help us to keep ourselves calm and focused towards to our work without any stress or anxiety.

  • Reply July 1, 2017

    All Natural Spirit

    Fluorite (the genius stone) would also be great addition to the work space to align the will and mind 🙂

  • Reply July 15, 2017

    Neten Rranjjan

    Was going through your blogs, very informative I must say.
    I work to help people alleviate their stuttering problem.
    Which crystal would you suggest that would help in this , as chakra balancing is a part of my healing module. How to use the specified crystals while doing meditation?

    • Reply August 21, 2017


      Thank you so much for the kind words! Think blue stones – connecting with the throat chakra- so Lapis Lazuli, Blue Lace Agate, Apatite, Celestite, Turquoise, Kyanite. These stones all carry the essence of the blue ray to help smooth communication and express yourself. You may enjoy this post on Throat Chakra Healing!

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    Dorthey Pinney

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