How to Take Your Office Wellness to the Next Level

How to Take Your Office Wellness to the Next Level

You don’t have to work at Google to have wellness in the workplace. While you may not have the help of a twisty slide to transport you between office floors, you can still add playful elements into your design to inspire a business aesthetic that is energized, motivated, creative and full of positivity. Office wellness isn’t just for the employees who work there—it’s for everyone who enters that space. The energy of your office is the first thing that a potential client will pick up on when they walk in. By creating a stress-free, yet animated design with simple Feng Shui techniques and health-minded initiatives, you can boost both morale and productivity in the office.

Park It Inside

There’s a reason that you often see the words health and wellness applied together. When one’s body is healthy, the mind has a way of following suit. Encourage employees to ride their bikes to work by including a designated space for them to park their bikes inside the office. Not only will biking to work save on the stress of morning traffic and competing for parking spots, it will increase employee productivity. Studies show that employees who bike to work take less sick days. The morning cardio wakes up the brain, and ensures that those who bike to work are more alert when they arrive than those drivers scrambling toward the coffee machine.

Add Some Life With Plants

Aesthetically pleasing, improved air quality and enhanced Feng shui? That’s a big “yes please,” to plants! The best plants for removing toxins in the air without much maintenance are Dracaena Janet Craig, English Ivy, Ficus Alii and Boston Fern. The added pop of color and life these plants add to your space will have other companies green with envy over your office wellness green thumb.

Desk Position

There are two ways that you can go about increasing the power and health of your employees through the positioning of their desks alone. One is by placing their desk in what Feng Shui refers to as the commanding position. Much like the name would imply, this position allows whoever is sitting at the desk to see (and, more fittingly, shout commands at) anyone coming through the door, without having to look over their shoulder to do it. The other way in which you can foster a healthier work environment is to have desks that can be adjusted to the standing position. This is said to increase productivity, energy and overall wellbeing. By periodically switching between standing and sitting every three hours throughout the day, you elevate your movements and shift your perspective—there by renewing your focus.

Create an Office Wellness Sharing Wall

You probably don’t want your employees sharing their accomplishments to your business’s social media walls, so how about offering them a wall of wellness inspiration in the office, instead? They can motivate and cheer each other on by posting about marathons they may be training for, vacations they have planned or any exciting events that they have going on in their lives which are bringing them joy and gratitude at the moment. A space that’s designated for positivity is obviously going to emanate with uplifting vibes, workplace wellness and facilitate a connection between employees.

Crystallize Your Work Space

Art in the office is always a great way to stimulate creativity, brighten the mood and foster your office wellness. If you’re not sure which art to curate your space with, you can’t go wrong with a collection of Earth’s masterpieces—crystals. Crystals are not only beautiful, they elevate the energy of the office and everyone in it by helping them tap into their highest potential. To bring in the energy of creativity and drive, you’ll want to have carnelian crystals around. These will make that old 3 o’clock, post-lunch slump a thing of the past. A pyrite on your business cards will sync with the energy of courage, confidence and abundance. This will assist your intuition to ensure that quick decisions are still the right decisions for your business. Shungite is another office essential. In addition to protecting from the EMFs output by all of the electrical devices within the office, shungite has a grounding energy which blocks out the negativity and chaos of a difficult work day.

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