How to Focus Your Mind with Malachite

Malachite is referred to as the stone of transformation. Each Malachite stone looks completely different. Most pieces have stripes of dark green and swishes of a lighter shade of green directly under it. Malachite stones look like they’re in a constant state of movement, as if its energy ever shifting and moving. Its energy is moving in a gentle way, constantly working to bring your energy back in balance.  

Malachite healing properties help to bring your energy, emotions and repressed feelings to the surface. It helps to draw out things that are hidden, assisting in dissolving energy blockages in your mind, body and spirit, so that healing can occur. The first step of transformation is to be consciously aware of the things that no longer serves you–thoughts, memories or even a belief system that has become limiting to you, preventing you from moving forward in life. The awareness of these certain unwanted patterns can be brought to the surface, then equalized and balanced with the use of Malachite stones.

Another one of the Malachite healing properties is that it assists in building up the immune system and aiding in coordination. Holding a Malachite stone in both your right and left hand helps to aid concentration. It helps to balance the mind to relieve feelings of being scattered and unfocused. It works to balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain. When you feel unbalanced, scattered, unfocused and all over the place, it can mean that one side of your brain is predominant. When the two sides are not in balance, chaos occurs. Malachite is one of the best crystals for ADHD, helping those with ADD or ADHD become more centered, balanced and focused. When worn on the body, it assists in the ability to multitask, helping you with focusing on each task individually without losing focus of the other tasks at hand.

This healing stone absorbs negativity from your body, and therefore should be cleansed quite often. When Malachite is being used, especially when held in your hands to balance the right and left hemisphere of the brain and help focus the mind, it should be cleansed often. The best methods for cleansing Malachite are to put it outside in the Sun for a few hours to absorb the energy of the Earth and to smudge it with sage.


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