Love Feng Shui: All the Do’s, Don’ts and Crystal Tips You Need to Know

Most people have a sneaking suspicion of what’s inhibiting their love life. Whether it’s an unhealthy relationship with an ex, an unwillingness to be vulnerable, a fear of rejection or a giant porcelain doll collection, we all have our own theories when it comes to that nagging question: Why can’t I find love?

What may be less obvious are the Feng shui love killers that exist within your own home. Feng shui has a powerful impact on our energy. A lot of people don’t realize that the energy they are inviting into their home isn’t one of loving partnership. Today, I’m going to talk about using Feng shui symbols to attract love, and all the things to avoid if you want love to flourish in your space.

Right about now, you may be asking, “How can the placement of my bed, or the kind of art that I have in my bedroom, affect my relationship?” It’s all about perception. You may not recognize it, but when you have your bed pushed up against a wall so that it’s only accessible from one side, that sends a message that your relationship is less accessible to one party. Or think about the art in your bedroom. Do the pieces depict couples, or are they mainly portraits of individual people? Listen, I love the colorful self-portraits of Frida Kahlo as much as any art lover, but the reason I suggest removing images like these from the bedroom is that they don’t portray a loving bond—and that’s the energy you want to cultivate in the bedroom. So every element of using Feng shui to attract love, though it may seem out there or completely minute, is rooted in the idea of shifting your space to hold symbols of passion and partnership. If your ready to get started, let’s go through your room step-by-step to transform your love Feng shui!

Love Feng Shui: All the Do’s, Don’ts and Crystal Tips You Need to Know

Heather’s Tips for Love Feng Shui

Your Bed

Since I already mentioned the bed, let’s finish discussing what else you need to do to make sure you’re laying in your most ideal position for love Feng shui. It’s important not sleep underneath a beam that divides the bed, as this represents a division between you and your partner. If you can, cover the beam with a curtain. You’re also going to want your sheets to have a light, inviting shade, like white or pink.

Taking it a level deeper than that, even the mattress should be energetically cleansed. Ideally, you’d get rid of the mattress that you shared with partner you are no longer with, as this is believed to help you move on from the memories attached to it. However, mattresses are expensive, so I realize that not everyone is going to be able to do this post-breakup. Instead, you can open the windows of your room, let as much light in as possible, strip your bed and spread 2 to 3 dozen white rose petals over your bare mattress. In each of the four corners of your bed, place a jar filled with equal parts salt and water on the floor. Leave this in place all day to allow the salt + roses to purify and uplift the energy of the mattress. Then sage the space to cleanse away any leftover energy from the past relationship. Take the petals off your bed and return them to the soil of the Earth. Get rid of the salt water by simply pouring it into your toilet and flushing it away.

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Another thing you want to watch out for when tricking your room out with Feng shui love, is mirrors in the bedroom. If you have a mirror that creates a double image of your bed, it’s believed that it represents a third party interference. That can be anything from a nosy family member to an intrusive friend. To keep outside influences out of your bedroom, cover the mirrors with a cloth.


Obviously, you want your relationship to be one full of life. Having dead plants in your space doesn’t exactly convey that message. Remove any dead plants from inside the room or outside the front door for better love Feng shui.

Crystal Pairs

You generally want to have crystals in pairs when it comes to the bedroom. It creates great love Feng shui to see pairings throughout the room. Try not to overwhelm the space with too much crystal energy, and stick to just the essential stones you’re called to at the moment. I recommend placing a pair of rose quartz stones beside the bed to infuse the space with loving energy. Rose quartz is a stone known for helping people to tap into their compassionate side. It will bring the energy of understanding into the space as it works to open and unblock your heart chakra. You can also pair one rose quartz stone with one amethyst stone to harmonize the gentle energy of rose quartz with the relaxing and clarifying energy of amethyst. One additional tip for those looking to go the extra mile in using Feng shui to attract love, is to have a pair of mandarin ducks in your room, as these are a symbol of lasting love.

So if you’re guilty of these love Feng Shui faux pas, make the necessary changes, and see how it affects your love life! Remember, the most important thing to focus on is bringing love into your own heart. Once your heart is open and beaming with love, it’s as easy to give as it is to get.

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For more information on love Feng Shui, head to chapter 8 in our book, Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune in to the Real You


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    hello, thanks for tips, i have 1 question dat i have mirrors in bedroom near study table i am visible in it when i am near to window is it ok or i shud remove it.

    • Reply June 27, 2018


      In an ideal world, no mirrors at all in your bedroom! So if you’re open to it, try removing it!

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