Enhance Your Daily Practice with Yoga Crystals

yoga crystals

I like to place healing crystals on my mat when I do my daily yoga practice. Before class, or practicing in my home, I place a couple crystals on the top edge of my mat, and several on the bottom edge. They make me smile when I see them during plank pose. I feel a little more grounded and connected in mountain pose knowing that the energy of Mother Earth is close to my feet.

One of my favorite things about a daily yoga practice is how it takes you within yourself, helping you to regain balance. Holding a crystal in your hand, or laying several on you body, and breathing deeply for 10-minutes has a similar affect. Many people practice yoga to help reduce anxiety and stress. Healing crystals are often times worn to help relieve anxiety and stress as well. Merging the two creates a powerful, symbiotic energy combination that deepens your yoga practice and increases spiritual growth and self-exploration. It takes you to a deeper level of healing, creating a closer connection with your yoga practice, your crystals and, most importantly, your self.

Once I did yoga with crystals, I was instantly hooked. Each day on your yoga mat is different because each day, we are different. The yoga allowed me to open myself up and let go, and having the yoga crystals on my mat helped me feel to feel grounded and elevated. Once you incorporate crystals into your yoga practice, you will feel the energetic shift, and wonder why you haven’t been using them all along.   

Below are just a few of my personal favorite crystals for Yoga. Trust your intuition when choosing which healing crystals you want to incorporate into your practice and where you choose to place them. Everyone will resonate with different crystals, and you may also be drawn to different crystals on different days. If you are looking for a basic crystal grid for your yoga mat, I have created a simple layout for your mat incorporating black tourmaline, selenite and lepidolite. This a basic crystal grid layout to which you can add other crystals on top of.

Yoga crystals for the top edge of your yoga mat:

  • Selenite crystals for clarity and expansion (I also like to place two pieces on the sides of my mat)
  • Lepidolite for calming and transformation
  • Blue Lace Agate for soothing energy and for stress & anxiety relief
  • Fluorite to transition from the chaos in your mind and focus on the calmness of your breath

Yoga crystals for the bottom edge of your yoga mat:

Yoga crystals to use during savasana (corpse pose): When the healing crystals are placed on the body during savasana, it is as if you are giving yourself a very powerful healing treatment at the end of your practice.

  • Place Rose Quartz over your heart for love, forgiveness and to open the heart chakra.
  • Place blue Sodalite, Chrysocolla or Aquamarine over the throat chakra for truth.
  • Place Amethyst over the third eye to restore harmony between the upper and lower chakras.
  • Hold Quartz crystal or selenite in each hand for expansion, clarity and enlightenment.
  • Place chakra healing stones on each of the 7 chakras for balance, alignment and chakra cleansing.

Both yoga and healing crystals have the ability to bring inner peace. In yoga, release, transformation, expansion and awareness happen when the mind, body and spirit connect through breath and movement. Crystals work in a similar way, only the mind, body and spirit connect through energetic vibration. Combining yoga and crystals during your practice is truly energy medicine for the mind, body and soul.

Healer heal thyself. 

Top photo by Nikki Dalanzo.


  • Reply September 2, 2015


    Interesting guide here! Crystals can do a lot for us, and so can yoga – combining them can really let each help each other in bringing order to your life.

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    • Reply January 17, 2017


      The accident of finding this post has brtgeihned my day

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  • Reply January 26, 2018

    Vidya Goswami

    It’s really good to know this, thanks for your share! Yoga is always a better idea for me in my free time. It relaxes my mind, body and soul at a same.

  • Reply January 26, 2018


    It’s really good to know this, thanks for your share! Yoga is always a better idea for me in my free time. It relaxes my mind, body and soul at a same.

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