Crystals for Headaches & Pain Relief

crystals for headaches

From small nuisance pains to full-blown migraines, headaches can affect your life in a variety of negative ways. Headaches are often grouped in the “silent epidemics” of health problems – those rarely-discussed, overlooked, often ignored issues that deserve greater attention and awareness. How bad is the headache problem? And what about the various painkillers used to lessen the pain and discomfort? Headaches are one of the most widespread medical conditions in the United States. Nearly one-fifth of all Americans complain about headaches each year, and the pain is fierce enough to send nearly 10 million people to the doctor’s office.

Typical headache medicine usually involves ibuprofen, Advil, aspirin, caffeine or a combination of these substances. And while they can be effective in relieving pain, they are not a natural pain killer. Have you ever thought of using crystals for headaches? Often times, our headaches can be stress or tension related, coming on at the most inconvenient times–when we have big deadlines or a huge “to do” list. When you feel a beginnings of a headache, step away from the computer and take a few minutes to just lay down, placing crystals for pain relief on and around your head.

One of the most powerful crystals for headaches is Selenite. Selenite crystals can be used for many different things, but healing headaches is one that may not often be thought of. Selenite healing properties have the ability to very quickly unblock any stuck or stagnant energy, to promote a smooth flow of positive energy. You can think of a headache like an energy blockage, and selenite facilitates the removal of this block and any negative energy. Energy Muse co-founder, Heather Askinosie, personally uses a Selenite stone as her go to crystal to alleviate pain from headaches. Laying flat on the ground, place Selenite crystals directly on your forehead and on the ground, around your head. Along with the selenite, you can also use Amethyst crystals for pain relief. Amethyst helps to relieve your headache, as well as fatigue and exhaustion–which can often be the cause of your headache. These healing stones are also said to heal the brain while aiding in relaxation and relieving stress.

crystals for headachesMany healers also use clear quartz stones and quartz crystal points for headache relief. Using a quartz point is particularly powerful in that it directs the negative energy and pain away from your body, releasing it through its point. If you find yourself with a headache, try sitting in a quiet space with the lights dimmed and hold a quartz crystal point to your forehead. You want the flat side to be touching your forehead and the point directing away.

The best healing stones for headache relief will differ from person to person, and you will have to experiment to see which ones work best for you! Although we feel that Selenite, Amethyst and Quartz work best for us, here are some other crystals for headaches as well: Aquamarine, Lapis Lazuli (migraines specifically), Angelite, Rose Quartz, Blue Lace Agate, Hematite, Citrine and Moonstone.

Note: We must share the standard disclaimer that we are not a doctors and cannot give out medical advice.  Healing crystals for headaches should be used as a compliment to other therapies and not as a replacement for regular medical care. 


  • Reply April 24, 2015


    For a tension headache, place amethyst, amber or turquoise on or around the head.

    For a migraine headache, use lapis lazuli, it’s been used for centuries to help treat the debilitating headaches.

  • Reply May 5, 2015


    Lapiz is known for eliminating pains, migraines and headaches. It is also useful in reducing tenderness and increases circulation.

  • Reply November 5, 2015


    I was suffering from a wicked hangover headache one time and asked my son to pick out a crystal to help me. (He was 4.) He held several before choosing a blue one. I’m guessing its lapiz, but I have no clue where this stone even came from, so I’m not sure. I placed to on my forehead and within ten minutes, my headache was completely gone! This still amazes me to this day because prescription strength headache medicines don’t even work for me. This magical little stone has turned me into a believer.

  • Reply March 5, 2016


    I’m suffering from post concussion syndrome and have had a migraine for over 2 years. Nothing worked. The other night I woke up with a piece of black tourmaline in my hand. It was warm. I must have reached for it off of the nightstand and had been holding it. My head was better! The migraine was not gone but significantly better. I have used it throughout the following days and my headache declined from the regular “please kill me” 10 to a 2. I also wear clear Quartz earings. I have more energy and am more focused.

    • Reply March 7, 2016


      That is wonderful! We are so glad to hear that your black tourmaline has helped with your headaches!

    • Reply January 24, 2017

      Cristina Gonzalez

      I cannot imagine a migraine for over 2 year, glad you found something to help with this. powerful little crystals 🙂

    • Reply September 29, 2017

      Bonnie Lynn

      I’m with you too AF! Black tourmaline and fluorite have been my go-to for migraines, headaches, atmospheric pressures (on cloudy and rainy days), and have been especially helpful on days I’m stuck in a car or a room with certain people and their energies 🙂 This was the exact reason I began researching crystals and got so hooked on them, because the day I started wearing my black tourmaline every day, the headaches, pressure, and pain has virtually disappeared! Only once in the last 3 months since I got into crystals have I taken any medication for a migraine (and I used to get them up to multiple times a week).

      Thanks for the post Energy Muse! Your site has been a go-to for me lately as well!

      • Reply December 5, 2017


        Thank you so much Bonnie! We’re so glad to have you as part of our crystal community. 🙂

  • Reply March 10, 2016


    I’ve been collecting crystals for a few months now and a few weeks ago a picked up a rose quarts, clear quarts & smokey quarts. I haven’t had a migraine since I’ve had these stones. Every since I was little I’ve had frequent migraines. I’m so amazied how much these have helped me.

  • Reply April 22, 2017


    ive been having headaches for the past couple of days and painkillers have not touched it at all or worked – ive used quartz today and its made me headache ease within 5 minuets.

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  • Reply March 15, 2018

    - Wellness by Tracie

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