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Pain Relief Crystals


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Healing • Reduces Swelling • Relieves Pain
Our bag of Pain Relief Crystals combines the healing powers of Amethyst and raw Black Tourmaline. These are two of the best crystals for pain relief, helping to relieve physical pain, especially in cases caused by arthritis. 


Our Pain Relief Crystals combine the healing energies of Amethyst and raw Black Tourmaline. This combination of healing stones is ideal for bringing relief to any physical pain by surrounding you with healing and soothing energies. 

Amethyst is one of the best crystals for relieving pain, especially from headaches and arthritis. Placing Amethyst stones near and on the source of the pain helps to reduce and block the pain. As a highly spiritual stone, it works on a subtle level to balance your energy bodies and cleanse your aura to release any negative energy that may be contributing to your pain. Raw Black Tourmaline is a very powerful crystal for pain relief because of its ability to draw negative energies away from your body and into itself. It is especially useful for relieving stress and tension, which many are big contributors to physical pain. 

Place these Amethyst and Black Tourmaline stones on the specific areas of your body that need healing and relief from physical pain. They will help to reduce swelling, transform any energy blockages and provide relief.

Our Pain Relief Crystals include 2 pieces of Black Tourmaline and 6 Amethyst stones. Due to the nature of the stones, all will vary slightly in shape, color, size and pattern. All sales are final on all our tumbled stones and crystal healing bags.  


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its work so good for pain in your joints thank you Review by audrey
its work so so good for the pains in my knee on my right side I fee the pain been release as I hold on my knee thank you (Posted on 8/12/2016)

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