Carry Crystals for Good Luck!

Crystals for Good Luck

Everyone needs a good luck charm. There isn’t anyone in the world who does not wish to be lucky! The easiest way to find good luck, is by carrying crystals for good luck. Gemstones carry living energy, and each one has many different metaphysical and healing properties. Luck is generally part of the energy of many stones, making crystals the ideal good luck charm.

Life is full of ups and downs, gutter balls and strikes, which is why good luck stones are a must-have for every crystal healing collection. When you incorporate them into your daily routine, you’ll be amazed at how the subtle yet powerful vibrations of good luck crystals can transform your life. The real game changer in the effectiveness of a luck stone is setting an intention. Just like Quartz and its ability to program a watch, good luck stones can be programmed with your deepest desires and wishes.

Because of its crystalline structure, a luck stone is a powerful energy amplifier. On an electromagnetic level, good luck crystals emit a strong and steady vibration that falls in sync with the healing energy of the earth. So when you program your crystal with a positive intention, it works by enhancing those thoughts that you put out into the universe. Remember, just because you can’t see the energy doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. After all, we can’t see air, but we know it’s there—in fact, we can’t live without it!

Thoughts are a powerful force. If you’re constantly focusing on what you don’t have, your energy will remain in a state of lack. You can’t be happy when your thoughts center around how little you have. And you can’t attract possibilities when you’re vibrating at such a low, negative level. Thinking about your blessings, and the opportunities you have to explore new growth helps you radiate with a richness of life. And putting out that energy often attracts it back to you. So, grab your good luck charms and tell them your wildest, deepest desires and dreams. Because guess what? They are listening and ready to magnify your positive thoughts, especially if you believe in the healing power of good luck crystals.

The natural jewelry of the earth, healing crystals make wonderful good luck charms. Not only are they aesthetically stunning, but they also have a gentle and sturdy vibrational energy. When you connect with these positive vibes, it helps to balance your mind/body/spirit, giving you the strength and courage to go after your dreams. It takes real bravery to take control of your life and face your fears, which is why good luck charms like healing crystals can be your anchor whenever life gets a little dicey.

But even when the stakes are low, it’s the struggles of life that give you the greatest strength. And good luck crystals are a beautiful reminder that everything happens for a reason. Even if you don’t succeed, good luck crystals can help bolster your spirit. Good luck crystals open your eyes to the beauty of the journey itself and all the lessons you learned along the way. Try taking some time to connect with good luck stones and allow their high vibrations to give you the ability to overcome any challenge. After all, the ability to succeed starts with you and a little help from your favorite good luck stone. So hold tight to your good luck stones, breathe, and remind yourself that all you really have is this very moment, which is what makes life so beautiful and precious.

There are many different lucky crystals, some being more popular and well known then others. When choosing your lucky stones, you will often want to experiment with multiple, finding which ones bring the most luck to you. It will be different for every person and will also depend on what situation you want to bring luck to.

The most beneficial way to discover which lucky stones are best for you is to hold them in your hands and decide which ones feel good. If you are local to Southern California, feel free to stop by the Energy Muse showroom in Torrance so that you can touch and feel the stones. If you are not local and are shopping online, here is a little guide to help you choose your crystals for good luck.

Wealth Crystals

Crystals for Good Luck

Lucky Stones for Strength and Protection

If you are looking for luck in protection, Agate is your lucky stone! It is the gemstone that everyone should carry with them at all times for protection.It is one of the oldest gemstones recorded in history. In ancient civilizations, agate stones were often placed on the breastplates of warriors to bring them strength, protection and victory in battle.

Good Luck Crystals for Business

If you are looking for luck in business, Citrine and Malachite are the lucky stones for you! Citrine is known as the “lucky Merchant’s stone.” It is a powerful stone for prosperity and money. If you are in any type of sales, place citrine stones in your cash drawer and experience the results. Malachite is said to protect you from misfortune, as well as undesirable business associations, and can be used to bring success in business.

Good Luck Gemstone for Gambling

If you need luck in gambling, you need Aventurine as soon as possible! Aventurine is known as the Stone of Opportunity. It is said to be one of the luckiest crystals. It is one of the most powerful crystals for good luck and wealth, and is believed to boost your chances of winning—especially in situations where the outcome is out of your control, like gambling. Aventurine is our favorite stone out of all the crystals for good luck.

Good Luck Stone for Endurance

If you need luck with endurance, like athletes do, try using Bloodstone! Ancient Greek gladiators often carried bloodstones while fighting as talismans for protection and luck. It helps to bring wholeness and balance to increase your endurance and stamina.

Lucky Crystals for Career Success

If you are looking for luck in your career, Garnet is your lucky stone! Garnet is a powerful gemstone for career success, encouraging business relationships and stimulating other people’s desire to work with you. Carry garnet with you when you are looking for an advance in your career.

Stones for Luck for Achieving Your Dreams

If you need a little luck with making your dreams come true, carry Amazonite stones! Amazonite is often called the “lucky hope stone,” because it is said to be lucky for all your hopes and dreams. It helps to bring clarity and truth to your intention, empowering and motivating you to manifest your dreams into reality.

Good Luck Love Stones

If you need luck in love, whether it is for attracting love or luck in a relationship or marriage, Rose Quartz can help you! Rose Quartz is the ultimate love stone, helping to open your heart chakra. It is the most powerful stone to attract love, but also can help to add a little fire to a current relationship or marriage.

Good Luck Stones for Actors and Acresses

For actors or actresses in need of luck, carry Carnelian and Red Jasper stones with you! Carnelian brings confidence and awakens hidden talents. It is a wonderful stone to wear or carry with you on interviews and auditions. Red Jasper is said to be a particularly lucky stone for actors and actresses because it helps to bring about creative ideas.

Most Powerful Crystals for Luck

If you just want double the luck in any situation to bring all the luck you can possibly get, Tourmalinated Quartz is your lucky stone! Tourmalinated Quartz is a super lucky stone because it carries the luck energy of both Quartz Crystal and Tourmaline. It clears out all the “bad vibes.” It removes all energy blockages to infuse your life with luck.

Good Luck Jewelry

Besides having many crystals for good luck at Energy Muse, we also have powerful Chinese good luck charms, utilizing ancient Chinese Coins! Our Good Luck Charm combines the energies of super lucky Tourmalinated Quartz with an authentic Chinese Coin. Chinese Coins are ancient and powerful manifesting tools for attracting wealth, luck and endless opportunity. Because of their high vibration, they create powerful lucky charms when combined with healing crystals.


  • Reply June 5, 2015


    i want the wealth charm

  • Reply August 25, 2015

    wella jaranilla

    Hi.. im bought a rutilated pendant and rose quarts bracelete … is it okay if i wear that without clear crystal for charging .. ?? ..

    • Reply August 25, 2015


      Yes! You can wear it without the Clear Quartz crystal. However, make sure that you cleanse your pieces often to make sure your crystals are energized.

  • Reply September 6, 2015


    Where can I by gemstones?

  • Reply September 27, 2015


    And good day. I am new to crystals. Love to hold and look at them. I respect the beauty of them. I have a few but was told to wear this one wihout another and don’t let them touch. And to recharges in the Sun or by a frog. But how do you care for them and can they be put together in a cloth bag. Any other information or website I need to look on to learn more.
    Thank you
    Dotty E

    • Reply September 27, 2015


      Hi Dotty! Thank you for your comment. You can definitely place them together in a cloth bag! Here is a blog post on “crystal basics” that will be helpful for you!

  • Reply December 24, 2015

    Francis Ekwonna

    Am interested in buying of the crystals stones, how do i get it

  • Reply February 18, 2016


    love my crystals.. I have many for different things. tigers eye. amethyst. rose quartz. Red carnelian. dalmation jasper. purple jasper and many more I find a use for them all.. one in particular I am drawn to regular is angelite.. when you purchase a stone you will be drawn to a particular one or as some say the stone chooses you, so just go with instinct not the look of the stone.

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  • Reply March 25, 2016


    Good luck doesn’t come easily. However, these stones make the way easier and simpler. One of the stone trusted widely for this purpose is Jasper. It is the warm and harmonious energy of the stone which will help you to be more aware of your surroundings. It brings forth an exceptional amount of determination and power to do any task. Leading you to success, this stone is also said to bring stability and strength to all who wear it.

  • Reply November 23, 2016


    I am realtor , but my business not success ,always I struggle with my goal,
    What hind of stone I need to carry to my success

    • Reply December 1, 2016


      We’d recommend Citrine! Place a citrine point over your business card to bring added success in business.

  • Reply February 8, 2017

    Noemie R. Bodino

    Hi, i just bought a personalized lucky charm bracelet from a gemstone jewelry shop it was cleansed and i program it already. it composes13 kinds of gemstone so there are different beads is that ok if they go together?

    • Reply February 9, 2017


      Yes! You can wear them together 🙂

  • Reply February 22, 2017


    thanks for publishing this post, it is so helpful to so many people who are searching for lucky stone

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  • Reply March 15, 2017


    Hey am struggling finacialy I need stone dat will bring more money or to find job dat pay
    Which stone I mus Oreder
    Pls help

    • Reply March 16, 2017


      Check out this blog post on crystals for wealth!

      • Reply March 17, 2017


        Do we order or we buy it some where is how much in Rands
        Crystal wealth

  • Reply March 23, 2017


    can I mix my selenite stone with my wealth stones? I have one big selenite stone and one desert rose but I was tols I shouldn’t mix them with other stones as the selenite will cancel out the others. Is this correct?

    • Reply March 24, 2017


      No, the selenite will not cancel out the other stones! It’s wonderful to mix your selenite with your wealth stones, as the selenite will keep their energy clean and clear.

  • Reply May 6, 2017



  • Reply July 24, 2017

    Luriefe articulo layda

    I want for my business.. Networking and buy and sale… I want for wealthy which kind of stone I buy. How can I order?

    • Reply August 21, 2017


      You can purchase crystals from our website In terms of which stone you should choose, it’s truly up to you. Choose the wealth stone that you are the most attracted to, because that’s the best one for YOU. Some wealth crystals we love are aventurine, jade, pyrite and citrine.

  • Reply January 11, 2019


    Hi I advertise on line for my business I do mobile service
    Where do I put my citrine stone to attract more business for me

    • Reply January 11, 2019


      We recommend carrying a citrine point in your wallet to attract wealth, but you may also want to place a piece of pyrite by your computer to manifest abundance in your business.

  • Reply January 17, 2019

    Millie Hue

    I never took into account the fact that there are stones for our dreams. As you mentioned, amazonite is a lucky hope stone which can help us be motivated to pursue what we want. I might buy one for myself to finally achieve my dream to have a promotion this year and finally buy my own house.

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