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Tourmalinated Quartz Stone


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Opportunity • Luck • Breakthrough Obstables
The tourmaline embedded within Black Tourmalinated Quartz Tumbled Stone reminds us that we all have pillars of strength within us that we can lean on when we feel weak. With the clarity of quartz and the protection of tourmaline, allow yourself to recognize the power you have within to solve or deal with any problem in your life. Tap into this stone when you need to harmonize your mind and spirit, and attract the kind of luck and abundance that stem from making positive life decisions.


Bars of black tourmaline are sprinkled throughout this quartz stone to add a sweet sense of security to the already uplifting crystal. Break through your negativity with the black tourmaline inclusions, and let the quartz take care of your stubborn energy blocks. When you work with tourmalinated quartz, you’re employing the healing properties of two intensely purifying stones. Connect with energy of this crystal blast through the cloudy days vibrate with sunny positivity.   

Tourmalinated Quartz properties include the grounding and deflection of negative energy, found in Tourmaline, as well as the clarity and energy amplification qualities of Clear Quartz. It is a powerful energy tool to help balance your yin and yang energies. Make sure that your spiritual core is working in harmony with your mind by meditating with tourmalinated quartz stone. One of the most powerful aspects of the Tourmalinated Quartz meaning is its purification and cleansing of all the “bad vibes.” Whether it’s stress clogging up your thoughts, or repressed emotions that are sitting like an anvil in your stomach, you can banish those toxic energies with tourmalinated quartz. Without the negative influence of these emotions, you can begin to enjoy your life again. This stone allows you to feel in sync with yourself, instead of feeling like the negative energy you’re harboring is holding you back.

Tourmalinated quartz promotes restoring the balance of all chakras and bringing general well-being. Even if you’re just having one of those off-days, where nothing you do seems to go the way you intended it to, you can use tourmalinated quartz to set yourself straight. Wearing it in the form of jewelry or carrying Tourmalinated Quartz stones creates a bubble of light around your body, keeping out all negative and destructive energies. This particular Black Tourmalinated Quartz meaning makes it an ideal crystal for anyone struggling with bad habits or negative behaviors, such as addictions or drug abuse.

Click here to learn more about healing crystals and their meanings. All stones will vary slightly in size, shape, color and pattern. They are approximately 1” to 1.5” in size. Each comes with a card that holds the information about the crystals and their meanings.


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