Calming the Mind with a Crystal Meditation for Anxiety

Crystal Meditation for Anxiety

Over the last couple of years, we have noticed one particular question frequenting our email inbox: Are there stones or crystals for anxiety? Anxiety and stress seem to be two things that almost everyone in this day and age has in common. We all worry; you’re not alone—and most of us find ourselves worrying a lot. Whether it’s the stress of work and unfinished projects or replaying our deepest, darkest fears over and over, we’re all in our heads more than we want to be. However, one thing is for certain—the pace of today’s society does not seem to be slowing down (if anything it’s speeding up!). So if you’re reading this, this is your wake up call. You need to learn how to shift your energy, and one of the quickest ways to do so is with a simple crystal meditation for anxiety.

Numerous scientific studies have found meditation to be an effective way to soothe anxiety. One recent study¹, published by the Psychological Bulletin, combines the results of 163 different studies to show a positive correlation between mindfulness and meditation techniques for anxiety and uplifting your mood, calming your mind and diminishing anxiety and stress. Incorporating healing crystals into your meditation changes your energy from anxious to grounded at a faster rate as the positive earth energy replaces the negativity in your body. Besides the energetic component, having the weight and texture in your hands shifts your focus from your anxiety to the way the crystals feel in your hands.

Sometimes when we are having an anxiety attack or a moment of extreme stress, it helps to be fully transparent with ourselves. Acknowledge that you are having a moment and remind yourself that it will pass. Giving into the fear and stress won’t get you anywhere— you have to get yourself out of it! The next time you’re in the mindset, having your freakout, know that you can choose to raise your vibration and shift out of it. Reach for your crystals—your touchstones—and begin one of these crystal meditations for anxiety.

Meditation for Anxiety with Desert Rose Selenite

To us, the formation of desert rose selenite crystals symbolizes yourself when you’re stressed out. They literally look like a little brain rigged with anxiety—it’s going a million miles a minute and bursting at the seams. Besides their appearance, desert rose is a form of gypsum, meaning it possesses a high salt content. It works to pull toxins and negative energy out from your body to release excess energy. It also brings clarity and helps to rid your mind of old thought processes to connect you with your intuition.

  1. Hold a piece of desert rose selenite in each of your hands. It serves as a physical representation that there is light in the middle of chaos.
  2. You can sit on the ground, you can walk around, you can change your state of motion as needed. Trusting your intuition, do what feels right for you.
  3. Move them around in the palms of your hands. Unlike many other crystals, the exterior is quite rough. When you roll them back and forth in the palms of your hands, it is surprisingly soothing and works to melt your anxiety away.
  4. As you continue to hold these crystals in your hands, work through your s**t (excuse our language). Having the texture in your hands helps you get to the root of the problem and realize that your anger, fear, worry etc. is not going to help you.
  5. Tell yourself, I can get to the light. I can get to the light. This will help calm the mind and let the emotions pass.
  6. Continue this meditation for anxiety for as long as you need to. Timing will be different for everyone—only you know when you’re back in your body again.

Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action.

Balancing Crystal Meditation for Anxiety & Stress

This crystal meditation uses the balancing duality of two different crystals for anxiety: blue chalcedony and danburite. Blue chalcedony holds the vibration of serenity and relaxation, reminding you of all the universal possibilities. When you gaze at its soothing color, you’re immediately comforted by its energy knowing that there is something to shift to. Danburite reassures you that everything is okay and taken care of. It clears your mind of the fast-paced world and alleviates the constant stream of worry and checklists that parade through your head. This crystal meditation for anxiety takes you back to the feeling of being in a womb. It takes you to a state of pure bliss where you feel nurtured and safe.

  1. Hold a blue chalcedony crystal in one hand and a danburite crystal in the other—it doesn’t matter which is in which hand. This duo of crystals connects with the yin and yang energies that exist within each of us, creating balance.
  2. As you hold the crystals in each of your hands, notice the texture differences. They both feel so different but energetically bring about the same result.
  3. Practice a little deep breathing and take at least 3 deep breaths in and out. Breathe out your stress and anxiety and bring in love and positivity.
  4. Take yourself back to a time when you didn’t know what anxiety was. Visualize yourself doing nothing but living in the moment. You are all trusting and you haven’t a worry in the world.
  5. Imagine an infinity symbol flowing like a current in your mind, balancing your left and right brain, harmonizing your yin and your yang. These crystals are giving you a clean state so you can start again, bringing you back to a safe, nurtured state where you feel like you’re being hugged by the Earth.
  6. As your anxiety begins to subside, feel yourself vibrating at the frequency you want to be. Feel your energy begin to match the gentle, soft, soothing energy of the crystals, the energy that you need to be: calm.
  7. Once again, there isn’t a set time for this meditation; simply trust your instincts. When you feel your energy shift, that is when your meditation for anxiety is complete.

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¹ Sedlmeier, P., Eberth, J., Schwarz, M., Zimmermann, D., Haarig, F., Jaeger, S., & Kunze, S. (2012). The psychological effects of meditation: a meta-analysis. Psychological Bulletin. 138, 6. 1139-71.


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  • Reply July 20, 2016


    I am in tears after finding your web site, quite accidentally (or not!) I read something about the moon, which immediately grabbed my intention as I had always felt such an influence with the moon, & that my name in Greek means Artemis, Goddess/huntress of the moon. I had, years ago, used my own form of spirituality that I was more than comfortable with, it made me so happy. I watched for the waxing and waning of the moon, held candles, wrote my intentions. Once I met someone, got married, & had children, all of the things that were “my own thing” have all gone to the wayside. I have boys too, so I now live in a house of all boys, but grew up in a house of all women, & my Dad. So it was the opposite of my life now. I see women so infrequently these days, & when I saw one page on getting together with other women for a women’s circle, it struck me. This site encompasses just about everything that I sorely miss in my life these days, & as I just started to cry so hard while reading it, I am struck by how much I loved everything I read. About believing in the magic in us, about bonding with our girls, connecting with the moon, and a BIG one for me, that life is truly about LOVE!!!!!! I wish so much that there was something in my area where I could gather with like-minded women for a women’s circle, kindred spirits to talk about life, love, healing, the moon, energy. I remember one of my sisters lived in NY years ago, & her roommate went to a group called, the Goddess group. I don’t know if anything like that exists anymore, & I feel very alone & out of place in my area (Boston), but I would LOVE to know, if anyone reads this post & knows, if there is ANYTHING remotely similar to a women’s circle, if you are missing out on having women friends in your life, & cannot create a circle with people who you know. That would be an absolutely wonderful creation to your site, or if anyone can point me in the direction of one, it would be a wonderful, blessed moment for me to find out! Love to you all, loving energy, lots of it, there’s never too much!!!

    • Reply July 25, 2016


      Thank you so much for your heartfelt words! We weren’t sure if you’d already read this post, so we thought we’d share it with you! As far as women’s circles in Boston, try looking in to meet some like minded women and find a circle for you! I would also check out the Wild Woman Project, I feel like I read there was a circle in Boston. Hope this helps!

  • Reply January 2, 2018

    Lanell Pasvantis

    Right with you Ide love to start a circle here in Tahoe

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