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When you get a crystal, it may be new to you, but it’s been on a long journey to reach its final destination in the palms of your hands. It’s been plucked from a mine, passed off to different handlers, who then gave it to a vendor, to sell to a retailer, where it got touched by various customers before it was selected by you! That’s a lot of collected energy you don’t want to work with. Because we all want a fresh start for our new journey with our crystals, it’s crucial that the first step you take is cleansing your crystals.

What you’ll learn:

  • how to go about cleansing your crystals with the power of sound, cleansing crystals like Quartz or Selenite, the sacredsmoke of sage, and light of the moon or sun
  • how to give your crystal a job by programming your intention

Luckily, there are lots of ways for cleansing your crystals, and many of them can be as therapeutic to your own spirit as they are for your stones. From getting some rest and relaxation by the light of moon, or enjoying a nice sound bath, these are some fun methods for cleansing your crystals to get both you and your crystal in the highest, purified spirits. Use them as often as needed. Your crystal’s energy can get overloaded and dull, just like your own. So be sure to do a periodic crystal cleansing to get the most out of your continued work with your stone.

4 Simple Methods for Cleansing Your Crystals

Sunlight or Moonlight Spa

When you see your crystals starting to look a little dull and not as vibrant, return them to nature. Let your crystals bathe outside in light of the sun or moon for at least 4 hours. Especially with the large crystals in your home, although it can be a process, make sure that you place them outside to clear and recharge at least once a month.

A Crystallized Cleansing with Quartz or Selenite

Be a crystal matchmaker and pair your crystal with either a selenite or quartz crystal! Both of these crystals have the unique ability to cleanse, recharge and purify the energy of other crystals, without diminishing their own energy. Lay your crystals and tumbled stones on a piece of Clear quartz or a selenite charging plate for 6+ hours. We like to make it a practice with the jewelry and crystals that we use daily to place them atop these cleansing crystals before bed each night. Then, when you wake in the morning, they will be ready to work with you.

When in Doubt, Smoke It Out

Not only will burning Sage and Frankincense, and Palo Santo make your home smell great, they’ll have your crystals feeling great, too. Immerse your crystals in the sacred smoke until it seems to come back to life. This is likely the best option for larger, harder to pick up crystals. Simply use your a feather or your hand to waft the smoke over and around the crystal.

Return to Nature

We could all use an energetic reset in nature every now and then. To give your crystal that revitalizing pleasure, place it on the soil or even bury it within the Earth for 24 hours. If you have a clean stream, creek or body of water nearby, submerge your crystal in the running water for a few moments, making sure to do so with the intention to purify in mind. Note: make sure you are mindful when placing certain crystals in water; many of the softer ones that are salt-based will dissolve when they get wet. 

How to Program Your Crystal - Cleansing Your Crystals

How to Program Your Crystal

In the same way that you need a sense of direction in order to be the best you can be, so does your crystal. Crystals want to work for you, but you need to give them a job. Crystals are neutral; they don’t judge situations as good or bad. They are also amplifiers, and when they are not programmed, can amplify things in your life that you don’t want – because they need to channel their energy in a specific direction.

Giving your crystal a job allows you to set your intention for the work you’ll do together. It creates a certain synergy between you and your crystal ally. Get specific! For the crystal to help you bring your transformation to light, you have to be clear when programming your crystal.

  1. First, cleanse your crystal.
  2. Hold it in your hands, close your eyes and take three deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth.
  3. Reflect on your faith, the Earth and what makes you happy. This will connect you with your highest vibration.
  4. While in this space of love and light, ask that your crystal be cleared of all unwanted energy and any previous programming. Aloud or in your head, say: I ask that the highest vibration of love and light connect with my highest self to clear all unwanted energy and any previous programming. I command this crystal to hold the intention of… To finish this sentence, add three intentions for your crystal – energies you wish it to hold for you.
  5. End your programming by saying thank you three times. By saying it three times, you emphasize that what you’re asking for already exists in the universe.


5 simple methods for cleansing your crystals


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    I use home made love energized waters to cleanse my crystals. I originally began using these special waters for my own healing but discovered that the crystals in my home LOVE being bathed in and sprayed with these super love energized waters! Such Joy ! I follow the simple instructions given in this recording called “Creating Sacred Healing Waters, the Wisdom and the Techniques”. You just need a small piece of pure gold or pure silver, water and something to play the recording on. Spritzing the crystals with these Sacred Waters gives them the same energy boost that I receive from drinking them. Additionally, I have found the sacred sounds in the recording to be have a lovely consciousness expanding effect. There are many other uses for these “love waters”. You can download the recorded prep instructions here – Thanks for reading.

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    Velinah Jemison

    Nice post, Thanks for sharing your valuable article.

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