Large Crystals

Large crystals have transformative energy that can raise the vibration of a space. When new customers walk into our showroom or sacred room, often times they comment about the shift in energy they experience as they enter our space. With dozens of large crystals in every nook and cranny of our space, we keep the vibration of our storefront extremely high.
large crystals for sale
  • Amethyst Cathedral Crystals

    Intuition • Cleansing • PeaceHallelujah! These heavenly Amethyst Cathedral Crystals are something to praise! Violet clusters of crystals line the inside of towering geodes to create a truly magnificent sight to behold. Through connecting the higher chakras of the third eye and crown,…
  • Amethyst Geode Heart • 6.4lbs

    Intuition • Love • PeaceConnecting with the energy of a beautiful Amethyst Geode Heart helps you become more in tune with yourself and the universe that surrounds you. It surrounds you with the energy of the violet flame to clear your aura and allow you to stay clear, calm and centered as…
  • Amethyst Geode Heart • 9lbs

    Peace • Love • HarmonyConnecting with the energy of a beautiful Amethyst Geode Heart  helps you become more in tune with yourself and the universe that surrounds you. This particular amethyst heart is outlined with cacoxenite, giving it a brownish hue on the edges. This is one of the…
  • Raw Fluorite Crystal

    Balance • Peace • WishesIf home is where the heart is, don’t you want a crystal in your space that will cleanse and elevate the heart? These massive Raw Fluorite chunks are what you need to ensure that your home and heart are balanced with the positive energy of…
  • Selenite Point

    Healing • Cleansing • ClearingHolding a Selenite Point or placing it in your space cleanses and clears your energy field and the energy in your environment. It is a high vibrational stone that promotes healing on all levels of your being - mind, body and…
  • Uruguayan Amethyst Geode

    Relaxation • Calm • Stress ReliefWhere these Uruguayan Amethyst Geodes go, a mellow ambience follows. Set the mood for total relaxation by placing one of these Amethyst Geodes in your space. This is the perfect crystal to create an atmosphere of stress-free…

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