Best Methods for Cleansing Crystals

cleansing crystals

Crystals absorb energies, which allow us to feel protected and energized as we seek to achieve our intentions that we set with our crystal or crystal jewelry. Keeping crystals cleansed ensures that they continue to emit high vibrations and releases any negative or stagnant energy from them. There are three simple cleansing methods we recommend you do at least once a month, but ideally more often if you are able. Sage cleansing, cleansing with Palo Santo Wood or using cleansing crystals are all effective ways to cleanse your crystals.

Sage has been used as a common cleansing process for quite some time, since it is the quickest way to clear negative energy from not just an object, but its surroundings, too. You may have heard of the process of smudging your home with sage, meaning to travel from room to room and waft the smoke into corners of the home where you feel like there is the most negativity. Sage cleansing is powerful enough to only require your crystals to be in the smoke for three to four minutes. To cleanse your jewelry, you hold it above the smoke and you’ll notice it subtly shaking. When it stops moving, you know your jewelry is done being cleansed. Our Sage Cleansing Set comes with one sage stick, a feather to waft the smoke and a raw abalone shell to snuff out the fire and leave your crystals, jewelry and home cleansed and ready to emit positive energy and protect from negative energy.

Cleansing Crystals with Palo SantoPalo Santo
If you’d rather look into another method for cleansing with smoke, Palo Santo Wood is also effective for cleansing crystals. Palo Santo is a tree native to South America, and has been burned by the Incas, Shamans and other indigenous people as ways to offer medicinal and therapeutic power. In terms of cleansing your crystals and jewelry, you would do exactly as you did with sage, allowing the crystals to bathe in the Palo Santo smoke. Palo Santo Wood can also be used to help cleanse your mind and heart as you visualize your intentions.

Cleansing Crystals
It may seem odd to cleanse crystals with crystals, but it really is one of the best cleansing methods available, especially if you want to cleanse your crystals more often. Place your crystals or jewelry on a clear crystal, like Quartz or Selenite. They can dispel different types of negative energy from the body and mind, which your crystals absorb when used. When you lay your crystals and jewelry on Selenite, you will be simultaneously cleansing and amplifying their energy. In order for ultimate cleansing, keep your crystals and jewelry on your cleansing crystals for a minimum of six hours.

When it comes to getting the most power from your crystals and jewelry, you need to make sure that you’re in tune with them. When you feel that they are emitting less energy, make sure to cleanse them with any of the methods above! With proper cleansing, you make sure they are radiating the highest possible energy.


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