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Amethyst Eye Pillow


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~Size: 7.5"

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Sleep • Stress Relief • Rejuvenation
Never has getting a little shut eye been so luxurious. You
need to sleep, but you’ll want to sleep while under the soothing energy of this silk Amethyst Eye Pillow filled with lavender, flax seed and tiny Amethyst crystals. Let the amethyst cleanse all of the worries from your third eye chakra, and usher you into a peaceful night’s rest. They say that the blue light cast off of tech devices is what keeps many of us from getting the sleep we need. Using these eye pillows will not only block out blue light, it will also block the negativity and toxic thought patterns that keep you up at night.


Sometimes it feels like no matter how many hours of sleep we get, we still wake up feeling exhausted. The soothing vibes that Amethyst emits will help your mind to relax and recharge, so that you can wake up with a flush of fresh energy. Amethyst energy is like a spa-day after a long week, it encourages you to take the time you need for yourself. Helping you to restore your depleted energy, amethyst energy is what we all need at the end of the day.

As the flax seeds gently conform to the shape of your face, you’ll feel the urge to open your eyes, and check on one last thing before you sleep, immediately get swept away. Under the influence of sweet-scented lavender and peace-inducing amethyst, you’ll be catching Z’s in no time. Which is good, because the importance of getting a good night’s sleep is often underplayed in our society. We push ourselves to do more and more during our days, and productivity takes priority over sleep. By telling ourselves that getting at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep isn’t important, we’re saying that our mood and our body is not important. Get back to placing a priority on your health by using this eye pillow for a full night’s rest. It is fair to anyone that you’re grumpier and less emotionally stable when you don’t.

If you’re suffering from insomnia, then you definitely need the help of this tranquilizing eye pillow. When we suggest crystals for sleep, we always put Amethyst on the list. It is one of the quintessential crystals to have in your bedroom because of its highly relaxing vibrations. 

How to Use Your Amethyst Eye Pillow:

Using your amethyst eye pillow is as easy as putting it on, and going to sleep. Let’s not complicate your routine for rest!


Customer Reviews

LOVE LOVE LOVE Review by Britt
I love this eye pillow! The lavendar scent is light and not overwhelming. The crystals and lavender scent combo makes the pillow so relaxing. This is hands down the best pillow I have ever owned and I only had it a week! I've had other pillows filled with beads that would slide off my face or the lavendar smell was so stinky I end up throwing the pillow off. I usually end up falling asleep quickly with the relaxing energy of the crystals and wonderful lavendar aroma, which is rare for me. I highly recommend for anyone who has trouble falling asleep! (Posted on 11/13/2017)

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