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Copper Charging Pyramid


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 Size: ~6" x 6" x 4.5".


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Clearing • Energizing • Recharge
Want to supercharge the effect of your jewelry and crystals? Placing them underneath a Copper Charging Pyramid strengthens the cleansing process and amplifies their energy. Create a nightly routine of removing your jewelry and taking your crystals out of your pockets to place them under your copper pyramid to cleanse, recharge and restore. In the morning, they’ll be vibing high and ready for you to use.


Combining ancient wisdom with modern technology, this Copper Charging Pyramid is a simple, yet powerful, energy tool for restoring positive energy and charging your jewelry and crystals. The pyramid shape aims to recycle heavy, stagnant and negative energy into light and flowing positive energy. It is believed to enhance and increase the power of anything placed underneath and inside of them. As one of the most effective energy conductors, copper attracts the many energies of the Earth, pulses the highest frequencies and is one of the most healing metals.

3 Ways to Use Your Copper Charging Pyramid:

  • To cleanse and recharge your jewelry: At the end of the day, take off your crystal jewelry and place it underneath your copper pyramid. Leave your jewelry underneath it overnight to cleanse and recharge so they are ready to wear in the morning. To take your jewelry cleansing to the next level, line your pyramid with Selenite or place a Selenite Charging Plate underneath it to lay your jewelry on.
  • To cleanse, recharge and amplify your crystals: Place your crystals and tumbled stones underneath your copper pyramid to amplify their energy. It assists the crystals to vibrate with light and intention and magnifies their energy.
  • To amplify a crystal grid: Create a crystal grid underneath your copper pyramid to amplify your intention.

Each of these copper charging pyramids is approximately 6" x 6" x 4.5". Each comes packaged in a box with an instructional card for how to use it. 


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