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Energizing & Healing Pyramid

These Energizing & Healing Pyramids are powerful energy tools for energizing and recharging your jewelry and crystals. The pyramid energy aims to recycle stagnant, negative energy into light, flowing positive energy, creating a powerful vortex of energy underneath it.

Size: ~7” x 7” x 11.5”

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Combining ancient wisdom with modern technology, these Energizing & Healing Pyramids are a simple, yet profound, energy tool for channeling positive energy. The pyramid power and shape aim to recycle heavy, stagnant and negative energy into light and flowing positive energy. This pyramid design uses the Fibonacci ratio directly with the base and upright tubes to create a powerful vortex of energy beneath it. The shape of these healing pyramids focuses life-force energy, so that your healing crystals and crystal jewelry can benefit from its energizing, healing and wellness effects. 

The titanium-alloy tubes create a pyramid power shape that acts like an antenna, tuning in rejuvenating energy to enhance and energize the jewelry and crystals you place beneath it. A special platform attaches to the top of the pyramid where you can place a quartz crystal pyramid or crystal point to amplify the energy. Pyramids on the surface of the earth are aligned parallel to the North & South axis, this alignment causes the energy of the earth's magnetic field to run through the pyramid. Your healing pyramid comes with a compass, which allows you to align it to magnetic north.

The Pyramid energy will help bring your jewelry and crystals to their highest potential. It assists the gemstones to vibrate with light and intention. It is a powerful tool for magnifying and intensifying your recharging process. Incorporate the power of pyramids into your full moon and new moon rituals as you are energizing your crystals and jewelry. 

Dimensions: 7” squared at the base, with a height of 11.5”.
Please note: The crystals, jewelry and energy tools pictured are not included. No coupon codes are valid and all sales are final on these healing pyramids. 

How To Use


In your kit, you will notice that there are 4 shorter tubes (approximately 7” in length) that make up the BASE of your pyramid, and 4 longer tubes (approximately 11” in length) that make up the TOP of the pyramid. Slip the compass onto one of the shorter tubes before you start assembling your healing pyramid.

First, take the 4 shorter tubes and the 4 plastic pieces with 3 prongs on them. Connect the 4 shorter tubes, using the plastic pieces, to create a square. Make sure that the 3rd prong on all the plastic pieces are all facing upright (or the same direction), as these will connect with the longer tubes to form the top of your pyramid.

Next, connect the 4 longer tubes into the 3rd prong to create the top of your pyramid. Lastly, plug the connector with 4 prongs into the top of your pyramid to complete the shape. If they are fitting tight, try using water (not oil) as a lubricant or a small hammer to do this step.

Now that your pyramid is set up, place the plastic dish atop your pyramid. We recommend placing a quartz crystal, or some other crystal here to increase the energizing power of your pyramid.

The compass is used for a North/South alignment if your pyramid is on the table or ground. Align the pyramid by first positioning the compass face side up on the base. Orient the pyramid with the compass to magnetic North by placing the tube in the same direction as the compass needle.


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