The color yellow is a symbol of happiness, joy and wisdom. It also brings creative and intellectual energies. Wearing yellow crystal jewelry and yellow bracelets helps to bring clarity, relief from feeling burnt-out and a deep connection to the energy of the sun. Carry yellow gemstones and wear yellow healing jewelry to promote your ability to express yourself. They bring happy and joyful energies, helping you to feel cheery and uplifted. Placing them around your office helps you to keep a positive environment and to help you maintain a clear mind to help with decision-making. Yellow jewelry is especially beneficial for writers and public speakers, as it is believed to help increase eloquence. 
yellow crystal jewelry
  • Bring in the Light Crystals

    Happiness | Manifestation | Energy of the SunOur Bring in the Light Feng Shui Crystals bring the energy of the Sun into your home. These sun crystals, Citrine, Yellow Jasper and Pyrite, carry energies of happiness, optimism and…
  • Chakra Healing Bracelet

    Balance • Alignment • EnergyThe Chakra Healing Bracelets were designed to help balance, align and cleanse your 7 chakras. These rainbow bracelets contain chakra cleansing stones associated with each of your chakras. When you want align your chakras or stabilize your overall energy, wear…
  • Citrine Point

    Happiness • Positivity • Abundance This crystal’s vibe is anything but sour! Sweet is the essence of this fortune flourishing gem. A Natural Citrine Point is known as the “money stone” because it is believed to elevate optimism and energy to a place more able to manifest…
  • Copal Resin

    Purifying • Cleansing • UpliftingTap into its state of transition by burning the Copal Resin, and allowing its purifying smoke to transform your home, spirit and crystals with the power of positivity. Considered the sacred blood of healing trees, copal resin has been used for…
  • Free Spirit Necklace

    Free Spirit • Uniqueness • Contentedness Made with Agate, Tiger's Eye, Turquoise, Carnelian and a Balinese Horse Coin, our Free Spirit Necklace was created as a gentle reminder to embrace the spirit within and live a life full of adventure. Remember that we are all unique and on our own…
  • Happiness Bracelet

    Positive Energy • Joy • UpliftingMade with Citrine, Tiger’s Eye and Sunstone, the Happiness Bracelet brings happiness, joy and positivity into your life. Wear the Happiness Bracelet when you feel out of touch and want to connect your internal joy. Let it be a reminder of your…
  • Lotus Necklace

    New Beginnings • Awakening • BeautyThe Lotus Necklace was designed to embody the energy of the Lotus flower, a symbol of beauty, purity and new beginnings. Made with Citrine, Rose Quartz, Peridot, Rhodochrosite & Pearls, this necklace brings renewing and spiritually awakening energies…
  • Mindful Mom Bracelet

    Calming • Intuition • PresentCo-created with celebrity doula and author of The Mindful Mom-to-Be, Lori Bregman, the Mindful Mom Bracelet promotes mindfulness for mothers during pregnancy and motherhood. Connecting with the energy of these handpicked crystals—Pink Aventurine,…
  • Yellow Jasper Stone

    Happiness • Clarity • Self-ConfidenceA Yellow Jasper Stone carries the energy of the sun. Yellow Jasper stones constantly give out positive vibrations, connecting you to the Earth and promoting happiness and positivity. It is a strong healing crystal for anyone who often finds themselves…

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