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Turquoise Stone


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Healing | Communication | Truth
A Turquoise Stone is a Master Healer that is said to be the bridge between heaven, the sky and the Earth. Turquoise stones help you to feel nurtured, protected and calm, bringing powerful healing energies. 


The Turquoise Stone meaning dates back to ancient times. In the tombs of Egypt, queens and kings were found covered with turquoise jewelry and stones. It was considered the “Stone of Life and Protection,” and Egyptians believed that it would help to protect their loved ones and keep their souls alive on their journey to the after life. Native Americans also have long valued turquoise stones for their powerful healing and protective energies.

A Turquoise Stone is a gemstone of wellbeing and a Master Healer stone. The Turquoise stone benefits help to strengthen and heal the entire body. It holds the vibration of Mother Earth, emitting energies of love and healing. A Turquoise stone works to align and protect all the chakras, which strengthens your body and immune system in the process. It also stimulates and harmonizes the throat chakra to make communication and the articulation of your thoughts a little easier.

Due to this crystal’s heavenly energy, the Turquoise stone meaning not only provides protection from negative energies, but also brings the energy of the natural elements into your home—specifically water and air. In Feng Shui, turquoise stones are used to bring the energy of water into your home. They are also used to attract wealth and money, and to improve your health and wellbeing. A Turquoise stone brings calming and uplifting energies, making them very beneficial to scatter in a child’s room, living room or office. If you want to bring money into your home, place your stones in the money area (southeast bagua area). To improve your health, place them in the East bagua area. If you are having some tough times in your relationship, place a few turquoise stones in your bedroom. 

To learn more about healing crystals and their meanings, check out our About Gemstones page. All the Turquoise stones will vary slightly in size, shape, color and pattern. All are sales final on Tumbled Stones.


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