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Sunstone Touchstone


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Size ~2.5" to 3"


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Sensuality • Breakthrough Self-Doubt • Confidence
Sunstone has long been thought of as a compass, meant to guide you on spiritual journeys. Let your Sunstone Touchstone point you in the direction of progress. As a stone that lends you the courage to face your fears, sunstone is the crystal to embrace when you’re ready to take on challenges and inspire a whole new outlook. 


Sunstone is a crystal of inspiration. When you are ready to breakthrough stagnant energy, sunstone infuses you with powerfully bright energies to shine through the darkness that has clouded your spirit.  By ridding you of your pessimistic outlook, sunstone energy helps you to see that there are an endless amount of opportunities on your horizon.

Sunstone healing properties nourish the sacral and solar plexus chakras to breed confidence, power and leadership within your being. That’s what makes the stone so beneficial for those who have struggled with shame, self-doubt, and emotional pain from the past. It forces you to confront the things that are limiting your growth, and shine positive light on them. Giving you the strength to work through these long-seeded issues within your spirit, sunstone energy expands what you believed you were capable of. 

Free from beneath the blanket of self-doubt, your inspiration is allowed to flourish. Not only does this enhance your creativity, it also improves your love life, work and encourages you to dream bigger. This hope and increased confidence will be the wind in your sails as you propel yourself toward the unknown.  

Origin: India

What Does It Mean When I’m Drawn to Sunstone Touchstone:

When you are drawn to sunstone energy, you likely want break past a version of yourself that you’ve outgrown. Sunstone beckons you to question what negative influences or past pain have been allowed to loom in your mindset? What are you ready to release so that you can make progress in your love life, work life or personal outlook? Sunstone inspires growth within the spirit, so being drawn to it means you are ready to create positive change. If you’ve felt blocked in any area of your life, you can breakthrough that obstacle with sunstone healing energy.  

How to Use Your Sunstone Touchstone:

Hold your sunstone touchstone in your hand while meditating. Reflect on what you are ready to release as well as what you are ready to bring into your life.


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