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Smoky Quartz Cluster • 4.25lbs

Grounding • Protection • Relieves Stress, Fear & Anger
This Smoky Quartz Cluster is a powerful tool to pull negative energy out of a space. This is the ideal crystal to use to feel grounded and connected to the Earth, especially if you are feeling anxiety, stress or scattered. Place it in your space to protect it, ground it and pull any negativity out of it to create a harmonious space. This mineral specimen was just too beautiful not to take home with us, and now it's ready to find its forever home with one of you!

4.25lbs • 7" x 7" x 4"

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Each piece is cleansed & activated in our sacred healing room.

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This Smoky Quartz cluster is like nothing we've seen before! A self-standing triangular cluster, the points jet out of its front side from all angles. Such a beautiful specimen, we just had to take it home with us! And now it's ready to find its forever-home with one of you. 

A smoky quartz cluster is a wonderful grounding gemstone that connects you to the energy of the Earth. It helps you to keep both feet on the ground and remain balanced in any situation—especially if you are spacy and scattered often. One of the Smoky Quartz properties is stimulating and balancing all your chakras, specifically focusing on cleansing the 1st root chakra to ground you. It is very grounding in an uplifting way. Morion quartz is extremely shielding and detoxifying. 

Another one of the Smoky Quartz healing properties is to remove negative energy from your body. It also works to protect you from negative and harmful energies that you may come in contact with in your environment. A Smoky Quartz stone is a very beneficial healing stone for pain relief as well, as it carries a very strong connection to the Earth.

Place this cluster in your home or space to pull negative energy out of the space and directing it out into the earth. You can also place it near your front door or entrance of your space to provide protection.

This Smoky Quartz Cluster is a one of a kind specimen, and you will receive the one pictured. No coupon codes are valid and all sales are final. 

How To Use


Sit quietly and hold your stones in your hands. Breathe in the highest white light and feel their energy. Set your intention for your stones, being very specific about what you want to bring in. The stones are listening.

Setting Intention/Cleansing


How to Set Your Intention for your Stones:
When you first receive your Energy Muse crystals, one of the most important components is setting intentions. To activate your crystals, sit quietly, holding the stones in both of your hands. Breathe in the highest white light and then visualize your intention for your crystals. You may also say your intention aloud if you would like. The stones are listening and ready to carry your intention.

Cleansing Your Crystals:
Your gemstones will work best when they are cleared and cleansed. So, cleanse and activate them often! Here are some recommended ways to cleanse your crystals:
1. Place your crystals in the soil or branches of a healthy houseplant for 24 hours.
2. Rinse your crystals gently with water (you can add some sea salt in it as well). Place your crystals outside under the sun or full moon for at least 4 hours.
3. Steadily hold your crystals in the smoke of a burning Sage stick or Palo Santo stick until they are fully immersed.


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