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Energy Muse offers almost every color of healing crystal jewelry, allowing you to find the perfect healing piece. No matter the healing crystal or gemstone you’re seeking, we have exactly what you need to begin turning your dreams into a reality. We even have black crystal jewelry. With black crystal jewelry, you’ll naturally add mystery and stability to your life, while being protected by the black stone.
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  • Epidote Stone

    Trust • Improve Relationships • Heart-openingThe beautiful earthy green color of an Epidote stone is connected with the heart chakra. Working with it for heart chakra healing purifies your emotions, releasing them into the Earth for transmutation. Epidote stones are particularly powerful…
  • Pink Amethyst Geode

    Relaxation • Love •  ComfortThese Pink Amethyst Geodes are everything you need to set a soft, soothing mood for your space. Pink Amethyst may have a delicate shade and a light energy, but it is actually a high-vibrational stone with the power to help you conquer your…
  • Rhodonite Point

    Forgiveness • Love • Emotional HealingThe more we mature, the more we come to recognize that loving often means forgiving. As difficult as it may be to forgive others, or even yourself, it’s a necessary aspect of maintaining loving relationships. Connect with a Rhodonite Point to…

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