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Red Jasper Touchstone


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Size ~ 2" to 2.5"


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Mood Stabilizing • Confidence • Motivation
If every time you get things sorted out, it feels like your mood spins out of control again, use a Red Jasper Touchstone to gain stability. Red Jasper energy nurtures the spirit with motivating positivity so that you focus on the things that you can change, rather than on what you can’t. 


If every time you get things sorted out, it feels like your mood spins out of control again, use a Red Jasper Touchstone to regain emotional stability. Red Jasper energy nurtures the spirit with positive motivation so that your focus is drawn to the things that you can change, rather than on what you can’t. Use Red Jasper to level out emotions, and replace feelings of defeatedness with the energies of confidence and determination.   

In connecting with the sacral chakra, Red Jasper stirs up a sense of vitality that is helpful when you feel worn out. By infusing you with a sense of stamina, Red Jasper healing energy gives you a new outlook on life. It inspires you to go after things, without worrying about everything that could go wrong. That’s what makes Red Jasper healing properties ideal for those whose emotions are frayed because they feel burnt out. Red Jasper energy encourages you be optimistic, get motivated and try again. Let Red Jasper instill the passion and confidence you need to get back to being yourself again. When you work with the positive influence of Red Jasper energy, it’s easier to take things in stride, and not allow them to insight negative emotions within you.   

Origin: India 

What Does It Mean When I’m Drawn to Red Jasper:

When you’re drawn to Red Jasper Touchstones, your spirit is likely seeking positive motivation. Red Jasper meaning is about reminding us that we can do it! It helps us to see the bright side of things, and get back on track with what we want to achieve. It has a nurturing effect on the soul. It brings us back to what’s important, and encourages us to release the energy that isn’t helping. Do you need to reawaken the passion in your love life? Strive for more in your career? Sit with Red Jasper to allow its vibrant energy to stimulate determination and confidence in whatever area of your life it’s needed.

How to Use Your Red Jasper Touchstone:

The best way to soak up Red Jasper’s energy is to meditate with it. If possible, lay flat on the ground in a peaceful area of your home. Then set the red jasper touchstone on your sacral chakra, just below your belly button. If you can’t do that, sit in a comfortable position and hold the stone in your hand. Take deep breaths and let the red jasper arouse your life force. Feel it inspiring a positive outlook and filling you with nurturing encouragement. Try to stay in this meditation for at least 3 minutes. When you feel that your emotions are level and rejuvenated, you’re ready to end your red jasper meditation.

Due to their nature, each Red Jasper Touchstone will be different in shape, size, pattern and color. 


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