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Raw Quartz Crystal Point


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Clarity • Healing • Energizing
On a cellular level, both Raw Quartz and the human body are made up of silicon-dioxide—a mineral that fuels communication and attracts energy. Due to this, there is an interactive relationship between the quartz and your energy. It’s programmability allows it to hold your specific, focused intention, holding the space for you even when you cannot. These raw quartz crystal points are perfect for directing healing energy in body layouts, making crystal grids and energizing your meditations. 


These raw Quartz Crystal Pointare powerful crystals that vibrate pure white light. They perform on all levels—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual—to unblock, purify, balance, activate and amplify energy and your intentions. Raw quartz points are very powerful crystals for focusing your intention, constantly carrying and putting it out into the universe.

These raw quartz crystal points are the perfect crystals to use for directing healing energy, especially in body layouts. Connecting with all chakras, these universal healers are effective for treating negative energy wherever it is being held in the body. Pointed away, the crystal point draws energy off the body. Pointed inwards, the quartz points channel energy into the body These quartz points are also wonderful to use when building your crystal grid in your home. Use them within your crystal grids, in the four cardinal directions, and to energetically connect or activate the grid.

At a cellular level, both Quartz crystal and the human body are made of silicon-dioxide; a mineral that attracts energy and fuels communication. As a result, there is an interactive relationship between gemstones and our energetic makeup. Raw Quartz is programmable, and is able to hold a specific, focused intention. Once you program or set your intention for your Raw Quartz Crystal Point, it will constantly but your intention out into the universe, event when you aren’t thinking about it. It holds the space for you, even when you can’t, bringing you back into alignment with your intentions and goals. 

These quartz crystal points are completely raw and unpolished; quite a few of them have keys and record keepers. Each one will vary in size, shape, color and pattern, but all are equally powerful. All sales are final on these crystal points. 


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