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Raw Elestial Quartz Crystal


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Wisdom • Grounding • Letting Go
If you’ve been putting out a lot of fires in your life, you’re probably feeling emotionally exhausted. When life has given you a series of problems to deal with, there’s a tendency to want to relax for awhile. Before you collapse into some major rest and relaxation, it’s important to cleanse your spirit and space of all the negative energy cast off by those events. A handheld Raw Smoky Elestial Quartz is the perfect crystal to let go of negative energy, mindsets and patterns. These powerful tools will guide your focus away from addictions or negative cycles that don’t feed your spirit, and help you to establish a better storyline for yourself.

Small ~1.5" • Medium • 2" to 2.5" • Large ~3" to 3.5"


After dealing with issues in your life, connect with the energy of a smoky elestial quartz to rid yourself of feeling groggy, too tired to go out, anxious, worried, stressed or pessimistic. Infusing your spirit with smoky quartz healing properties helps you to move beyond the past and find renewed hope in the future. Smoky quartz benefits revitalize your spirit so that you don’t spend too long dwelling on what you can’t change. Let go of negativity with the encouragement of smoky quartz energy.       

An elestial quartz crystal is a crystal formation that develops many pyramid-like shapes on the stone. This phenomenon creates a stunning, geometric visual. Hold a elestial quartz crystal in your hand to bring in the positive light of a new day. Smoky quartz healing properties will ground your energy so that even when anxiety is throwing your mood off-balance, you can root your emotions in positive thoughts. As it links with the root chakra, smoky quartz establishes peace and stability. One of the best crystals to use for deepening a meditation practice, smoky quartz will help you to focus on breathing, feel grounded in earthly energy, and brighten your spirit with positivity.

How to Use an Elestial Quartz Crystal:

  1. Place it in a pot or bowl filled with sand. This allows the elestial to ground through the earth energy of the sand, while its point streams energy up into the universe. Place it in your sacred space or meditation space. You can also move it around to any area you feel needs grounding energy. 
  2. Meditate with your elestial crystal. You can either gaze into it while you mediate, or hold the elestial in your hands. Trust your intuition. 
  3. When you feel yourself stressed out or overwhelmed, seek guidance and comfort from your elestial crystal. It will connect you with the angelic realm and help to release any stress and negative energy, grounding you to the Earth. 
  4. Hold your elestial in your non-dominant hand. Allow it to help you go back to the past and ask yourself the deeper questions of why a negative thought pattern, bad habit or addiction happened? Ask yourself, what am i trying to fill with this that I am not getting in my everyday life? Sit with it and let the answers come to you.

Every single one of these raw elestial quartz crystals will differ in shape, color, size and pattern, but they are SO powerful. We've never before been able to find hand-held raw elestial quartz crystals + we're over the moon to bring you this tool. All sales are final on these. 


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