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Raw Blue Amber

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This Raw Blue Amber is from Sumatra, Indonesia, ranging in color from honeyed amber shades to deep mahogany with tinges of blue. Amber is a fossil resin often referred to as Liquid Sunshine. As it warms against the skin, its therapeutic properties begin to heighten Many ancient civilizations valued Amber for its beauty, protection and healing properties. It assists the body in rebalancing and healing itself, radiating a warm and bright energy to dissolve negativity. It’s a wonderful protective talisman. 

Small ~1" to 1.5" • Medium ~1.5" to 2" • Large ~2" to 2.5"


There’s nothing worse than getting taken advantage of. Trusting others more than you trust your own intuition can leave you open to feeling gullible. Avoid feeling like a sap by connecting with the energy of this fossilized tree sap for enhanced decision making. Raw Blue Amber may not be a “crystal” by definition, but that doesn’t mean that it lacks healing properties.

The fossilized tree sap known as amber is thought to bring wisdom, peace and stress relief to the mind. As it cleanses the entire chakric field, amber infuses the throat chakra with the energy of trust. The more you trust yourself, the easier it is to speak your truth and refrain from getting steamrolled by others. Get in sync with the energy of amber to speak your mind with a calm confidence. Believed to enhance memory, fusing with blue amber properties will assist you in steering clear of past mistakes.

Meditate with raw blue amber to tap into your inner wisdom. Go from feeling negative about a situation, to finding the positive takeaway by tuning into the energy of amber. As the fossilized resin absorbs and shifts negativity, it compels the mind to seek deeper understandings of the events in your life. This understanding leads to increased compassion, and a sense of being emotionally grounded. Allow the harmony that amber establishes to add a dose of peace to the environment of your home.

Placing a piece of raw blue amber on the sacred altar establishes an importance of wisdom and stability in your life. If you constantly rely on others to be your rock, empower yourself to be your own source of support by linking with amber healing properties. This raw blue amber from Sumatra, Indonesia ranges in color from honeyed amber shades to deep mahogany with tinges of blue.      

Every piece of this Raw Blue Amber is completely unique and unpolished and will therefore vary in color, size, shape and pattern. All sales are final on these. 



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