Que Sera Stone

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A Que Sera tumbled stone (also called llanite) is unique in both its name and its energy. As the saying goes, whatever will be, will be – and with a Que Sera Stone in hand, you’ll embrace a similarly easy-going approach to life. The unique power of these crystals comes from the combination of grounding and high-vibration energy. Connecting with this tumbled stone supports your overall well-being and aligns your mind, body and spirit with positive energy. Restore your mind, body and spirit to your highest potential with a Que Sera tumbled stone, a unique crystal energy that blends a variety of powerful minerals into one stone. It blends the energies of Quartz, Feldspar, Calcite, Kaolinite, Iron, Magnetite, Leucozene and Clinozoisite. Combining both earthy, grounding energy with a high frequency, this stone works to raise your vibration and offer a sense of energetic support and stability. Together, this duo of energies optimize your energy and help you feel balanced and aligned. When you are on a spiritual journey to elevate your state, a Que Sera tumbled stone is a powerful tool to support you and your intentions. Incorporate it into your spiritual practices to enhance your experience, or use it to send your intentions out into the world from a grounded place by using it in a manifestation practice. Due to the nature of this crystal, all of these Que Sera crystal tumbled stones will differ slightly in color, size, shape and pattern. Hold your Que Sera Stone in your hands during meditation or any other spiritual practices to ground and uplift your energy. When you are not actively using it, place your tumbled stone in your sacred space, living area, or anywhere else in your home to infuse the space with grounding and high-vibration energy. Brazil


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Que Sera Stone