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Clear Quartz Sphere


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Clarity • Manifestation • Amplification
Due to its perfect symmetry, a Clear Quartz sphere radiates high-vibrational energy in all directions, filling your space with light and positive energy. Meditating with one in each hand allows you to enter a deeper state of meditation. Because they help to create a very focused meditation, it is the perfect crystal if you are just beginning to meditate with crystals. 


When you see a Clear Quartz sphere depicted in pop culture, it’s usually being used to predict the future. Sadly, it’s not likely that you’ll be able to see your future by using a clear quartz sphere, but if you pay attention to what its energy is telling you, you may find a much needed sense of clarity. Is that as fun as knowing your future? Probably not. It can, however, be just as helpful for understanding how to navigate your present.

The reason that clear quartz has garnered a reputation for being able to enhance the power of clairvoyants, is because of its amplifying property. Clear quartz is a crystal known to increase all intuitive powers. As an amplifier, whatever energy you are trying to manifest in your life—whether it’s abundance, calm, love etc.—quartz will intensify. Quartz can even amplify the healing properties of other stones. Through combining quartz with other crystals, you can bring about a potency that you couldn’t have achieved without the presence of the quartz.

Quartz is ideal crystal for programming intentions. You can use this quartz crystal to instill the energy that energy that you need it to continue radiating with.

Quartz crystal balls are especially beneficial to the meditation practice. Meditating with a clear quartz sphere in each hand allows you to enter a deeper state of meditation. It helps to create a very focused meditation, and is the perfect crystal if you are just beginning meditating with crystals.

A crystal sphere is one of the most powerful energy tools used in crystal healing. Due to its perfectly symmetrical shape, it radiates immense amounts of high-vibrational energy in all directions, filling your space with light and positive energy.

A Clear Quartz Sphere is very powerful for energy cleansing, freeing your space of any negative energies or vibrations. It vibrates pure white light—and all color frequencies of the spectrum—to fill your space with loving and protective energy. These clear quartz spheres symbolize the universe and all within it. They represent wholeness, consciousness and the power that resides within you. The quartz crystal meaning also cleanses, amplifies and magnifies the power of any other stones that reside around it.

What Does It Mean When I’m Drawn to a Clear Quartz Sphere:

When you are drawn to a Clear Quartz Sphere, your spirit is looking for a tool for energy cleansing. Raise your vibration with this perfectly symmetrical crystal ball.

You may also be drawn to Clear Quartz spheres for their use as a manifestor and amplifier. If there is something you are trying to manifest in your life, use the energy of a Clear Quartz Sphere to bring it to life.   

How to Use Your Clear Quartz Sphere:

  1. Meditate with a clear quartz sphere in each hand to help you to focus more clearly.

  2. Place your Clear Quartz Sphere in your living room to cleanse the energy in your space of

Click here to learn more about healing crystals and their meanings. All stones will vary slightly in size, shape, color and pattern.



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