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Quan Yin Bracelet


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Compassion • Miracles • Support
Made with Riverstone, Strawberry Quartz, Pink Aventurine, Amazonite, Amethyst, Rhodochrosite and Clear Quartz, the Quan Yin Bracelet embodies compassion, positivity and strength. It activates empathy and a love for the self and others, filling your soul with unconditional love and softness. Call upon Quan Yin when you seek compassion for yourself or for another! 

Size: 7.5"


Quan Yin is the Goddess of Compassion and Mercy. It is said that a rainbow carried Quan Yin to Heaven, but as she began to enter, she heard a cry for help from Earth. Quan Yin vowed then and there not to enter Heaven’s gate until every person in need of her help received it. Kuan Yin teaches us to have compassion for ourselves, who we often give the least amount of compassion. Doing so will change your own energy frequency, spreading positivity, love and compassion to those around you.

Quan means “earth” and Yin is “the dynamic female life force.” Her attributes are strength disguised in softness. The Quan Yin goddess holds the gifts of tranquility, potential for deep understanding, compassionate wisdom, and courageous empowered action present within each of us at all times.

The Quan Yin Bracelet activates strength, empathy and an understanding deep inside the soul of every woman, where love for the self and others resides. Riverstone combines the energies of the element of water and the element of Earth into one stone. It washes away the parts of the self that have yet to be forgiven, negative self-thoughts and self-sabotaging behavior. It allows deep exploration of the soul and set it free from judgment. Strawberry Quartz brings to light what nurtures the mind, body and spirit to find contentment, passion and joy. Pink Aventurine helps recognize the true self, tapping into the energy of unconditional love and capturing the true quan yin meaning. Amazonite unlocks the creative artist that lies within each person. It encourages ideas to flow freely, bringing fluidity to the creative process. Lavender Amethyst acts as a stone of mercy, bringing soothing and calming energies. It allows you the chance to take a breath and to disconnect from the head to shift your focus back to the heart. Rhodochrosite fosters self-love and emotional healing, encouraging you to love yourself unconditionally to reach a state of joy and happiness. Clear Quartz provides clarity within the self to help you understand your own truths and intuition. It helps you to be honest with yourself, prioritizing the things you need to nurture yourself so that you can be compassionate and merciful with yourself.

Call upon Quan Yin when you seek compassion for yourself or another.

INVOCATION: I am the embodiment of Divine Love. I easily give and receive love for it lies within me.

The Quan Yin Bracelet is made with 5-6mm beads and is 7.5". Each goddess bracelet will vary slightly in color, pattern and size, as all the gemstone beads are natural and come from the Earth. 


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