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Pure Energy Bracelet Set

Cleansing • Purifying • Healthy
The Pure Energy Bracelet Set was designed using numerology and crystal energy to create the ideal combination to clear and purify your energy. With Amazonite, Quartz Crystal and Tourmalinated Quartz, the pattern of 5 beads, the number of transformation, change and movement, is repeated throughout these bracelets to magnify the energy. Give your body a good energy cleansing!

Size: 7.5"

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All Energy Muse Jewelry is handcrafted in the USA.

Each piece is cleansed & activated in our sacred healing room.

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The Pure Energy Bracelet set was designed using numerology and crystal energy to create the ideal combination to clear and purify your energy. The number 5 is one of the most dynamic and energetic numbers and represents change, transformation and movement. A 5-numbered pattern is repeated with cleansing crystals throughout this set to magnify this powerful combo.

Tourmalinated Quartz, a combination of Clear Quartz with Black Tourmaline inclusions, clears and cleanses the energy of your body. When worn, it unlocks all energy blockages within your body, creating overall balance.
Clear Quartz purifies your energy and aura so that energy can flow smoothly. It also clarifies and magnifies your intention.
Amazonite brings uplifting, calming and soothing energy. It helps to balance your emotions and relieve any stress and anxiety you may have.

Affirmation: I am pure in mind, body and spirit.

Our Pure Energy Bracelet Set is the ideal combination of cleansing crystals to give your body a thorough energy cleansing. Energy Cleansing is extremely important, both for your body and in your home. The Pure Energy bracelet set comes with three elastic bracelets that are 7.25" in length and made with 8mm beads. All the beads will vary in color and pattern because they are all natural and come from the Earth.

How To Use


To activate your Pure Energy set, sit quietly, holding your piece in both hands. Breathe in the highest white light and visualize your intention for your piece. Visualize all the negative energy leaving your body. The stones are listening. It is now ready to wear.

This is combination that we recommend wearing everyday, to keep your energy pure and your intentions strong!

Setting Intention/Cleansing


Setting Your Intention:
To activate your own Energy Muse piece, sit quietly, holding the stones in both of your hands. Breathe in the highest white light and then visualize your intention for the jewelry. You may also say your intention aloud if you would like. The stones are listening and ready to carry your intention. And your piece is now ready to wear.

Cleansing Your Jewelry:
Your gemstones will work best when they are cleared and cleansed. So, cleanse and activate them often! Here are some recommended ways to cleanse your jewelry:
1. Place your jewelry on the soil or branches of a healthy houseplant for 24 hours.
2. Place your jewelry outside under the sun or full moon for at least 4 hours.
3. Steadily hold your jewelry in the smoke of a burning Sage stick or Palo Santo stick until your piece becomes still.
4. Lay your jewelry on a piece of Selenite or Quartz Crystal for at least 6 hours.


Customer Reviews (4)

Absolutely Beautiful!Review by Kelly
I am new to crystals and what they can do for your mind, body and soul but wanted to learn more. My friend has a set of bracelets from here and she was informing me on all that they can do so I decided to buy this set. They are absolutely beautiful! The colors of each crystal bead are so unique and different, it's just such a beautiful set. I couldn't wait to get home to activate them, I'm really looking forward to the powers they are said to have. Today is my first day wearing them and I've already gotten a few compliments on them! (Posted on 2/4/2016)
love the set ideaReview by Amanda
I really like that energy muse is finally doing bracelet sets. Yes! Then you don't have to think about your jewelry in the morning. Plus always good to have pure energy :) (Posted on 7/23/2014)
These bracelets are legitimately my favorite energy muse bracelets EVER. I am constantly smudging my home to ensure there is no negative energy, but now they come out with somethingt hat does that for my body---PERFECT. I couldn't be happier with mine. They are just as beautiful and energetic as they look in the photo. thanks energy muse! (Posted on 6/29/2014)
JUST WHAT I NEEDEDReview by Alejandra
This is just what i needed. I feel like i constantly am surrounded by negative people and energy. These bracelets help me feel like my energy is pure and clean. And they are so easy to just slip on with any outfit. (Posted on 6/16/2014)

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