Protection Crystal Earrings

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The Protection Crystal Earrings features a pair of Black Tourmaline earrings, Hematite earrings, and Clear Quartz earrings to shield your energy from unwanted or negative energy. The Protection Crystal Earrings set combines the energies of three powerful crystals (Black Tourmaline, Hematite, and Clear Quartz) to help you protect yourself from unwanted energy wherever you go. Black Tourmaline is the ultimate stone for protection. It acts as an energy bodyguard to shield you from negativity. Hematite grounds your energy if you feel an oncoming of chaotic energy. When you are grounded and centered, nothing can throw you off. Clear Quartz is one of the highest vibrational crystals that keeps your energy clear and bright. It also amplifies the energy of any crystal it is paired with to enhance your intention. 100% stainless steel backs. Lead & Nickel Free Wear your Protection Crystal Earrings when you want to guard your energy from negativity. You can wear a matching pair within the Protection Crystal Earrings to go with your intention of protection (and outfit!), or combine crystals within the set to address different layers of your intention. Handmade in California


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Protection Crystal Earrings