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New Beginnings Bracelet


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Courage | Joy | Empowerment
Made with Amazonite & Chrysocolla, our New Beginnings bracelet was created to help you begin this new chapter in your life. Wear this piece when you are ready to start your new beginning into motherhood. We recommend that you wear this piece along with your Pregnancy & Fertility Bracelets. 


The New Beginnings Bracelet was designed to help you begin a new chapter in your life and prepare you for your new baby.

Amazonite is the stone of courage. It promotes confidence and excitement when starting a new chapter in your life. It helps with anxiety, self neglect and mood swings and encourages living a healthy lifestyle.
Chrysocolla is the stone of the Goddess and is empowering for women. It has a soothing and gentle energy, which is beneficial for both mother and unborn child. It also helps with labor pains. The charm represents a bond between a mother and child that lasts a lifetime.

Affirmation: I am ready to become a mom.

Learn more about Crystals for Fertility and Pregnancy. Our Fertility & Pregnancy Bracelets were designed to be worn in sets of three, during the different stages of your pregnancy. If you are looking to get pregnant, wear the New Beginnings Bracelet with the Fertility Bracelet and Pregnancy Bracelet. If you are already pregnant, we recommend wearing this bracelet with our Pregnancy and Light & Love Bracelet. During childbirth, wear this bracelet with the Childbirth Bracelet. The New Beginnings Bracelet is an elastic bracelet 7.5" in length with 8mm beads, silver-plated charm and sterling silver spacer beads.


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