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New Beginnings Bracelet Set


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Each bracelet is 7.25" in diameter.

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Clarity • Fresh Start • Purpose
The New Beginnings Bracelet Set combines three separate bracelets, each of which addresses a different layer of your intention. The crystals within this crystal bracelet set come together to help you stay positive and embrace new beginnings in all areas of your life.


Whether you are ready for a new beginning in your personal life, professional life, relationships, or any other area of your life, the New Beginnings Bracelet Set holds the energy you need to prepare for it. Made with stones to help you get clear, be open, and stay positive, these crystal bracelets give you the tools to make the most out of the new opportunities in your life. However big or small the change you want to make, wearing these crystal bracelets for new beginnings can support your journey from start to finish.

Wood represents the trees, deeply rooted in the Earth yet ever changing and constantly growing.

Rhyolite fills you with joy and positivity as you embark on your new endeavor.

Picture Jasper deepens your connection to your foundation so that you remain stable and grounded even in times of great change.

Rainbow Moonstone illuminates the path you are destined for and guides you toward the life you are meant to live.

Prehnite opens your heart to all possibilities.

Chrysoprase teaches you to be open to receiving new opportunities.

Clear Quartz amplifies your intention and programs your mind with your intention of cultivating new beginnings. It helps you gain a sense of clarity of what areas of your life need a new beginning, and then helps you get clear on how you want to create that new beginning for yourself.

Copper is a healing metal that enhances the energy of your crystals.

How to Use Your New Beginnings Bracelet Set: Wear these bracelets on your left wrist to receive the energy of your intention.



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